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15 Unicorn Pumpkin Carving Patterns -Free

Here are 15 unique unicorn pumpkin carving patterns, all free to print.

If you or your kids are a fan of these fun, fantasy creatures and you love decorating for Halloween, then you’ve come to the right place.

The perfect unicorn pumpkin carving pattern is waiting for you.

And what’s a better way to distract the young children from angry birds, or other video games, than carving unicorn themed pumpkins. 

We have many simple silhouettes for small children to carve and intricate designs, making these free pumpkin carving stencils great for any skill level.

Carving pumpkins has become one of my favorite holiday projects. But unfortunately, I have found it challenging to find free pumpkin carving patterns.

And so, I worked feverishly over the summer to prepare these for you and your kids for Halloween fun.

What should you use to carve a pumpkin?

Many pumpkin carvers like to use official pumpkin carving tools that you can get with a pumpkin carving kit.

However, if you have a linoleum cutter, you can use that. For example, a linoleum cutter is what I used to carve this adorable Jack O’Lantern of a cat. 

When preparing to carve, don’t forget to save the pumpkin seeds to cook up for a delicious Halloween snack.

How do you use a unicorn carving pattern PDF?

pumpkin face pdf pattern materials

These are all downloadable pdf files that can be scaled to be smaller or larger to fit your size pumpkin. The settings are within your printer popup dialog box.

You’ll need a printer and regular white paper. After printing the template, grab some scissors, blue tape, a thumbtack and a ballpoint pen or a sharpie.

unicorn carving pattern taped to a pumpkin
I demonstrated this on a foam pumpkin, but make sure if you use a real pumpkin to cut the top and clean out the pulp first.

Here’s a full tutorial showing how to carve a foam pumpkin, using a pdf pattern.

Use the scissors to trim around the shape, but leave some space for the tape and tape it to the pumpkin. Then use a thumbtack to poke holes around the outside edges of the grey are, which is the areas that will be carved.

Next, head out to the pumpkin patch to select your Halloween pumpkins for carving.

And when you’re finished with your unicorn pumpkins, set them on the front porch in time for Halloween night.

For more free pumpkin patterns, check out our faces of classic Jacks. For fun, pop culture pumpkin stencils, check out the Star Wars free patterns (on our sister site).

And if you’re a cat lover, you’ll love the cute cat pumpkin patterns (also on our sister site).

Fun Fact
A unicorn’s horn actually has a name, it’s called an alicorn and has magical powers.

Choose your favorite lantern designs below.

Unicorn Pumpkin Carving Patterns –Free

A cute stencil cut of a unicorn with flowers in her hair and her eyes closed, with long eyelashes.

This unicorn has a beautiful mane of curly hair.

Fun Fact
Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland –it’s a true fact! Not bad for a mythological creature! 🙂

A unicorn with a little bit of attitude!

Another unicorn with long eyelashes. She has a bow in her hair.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

A sweet profile view of a unicorn with a long mane.

A handsome unicorn who looks like it’s ready for duty.

This wide-eyed unicorn with a profile view is a favorite amongst the unicorn lantern faces.

A unicorn with a star cutout.

Fun Fact
Did you know that when a unicorn has wings, they are called a pegacorn –like Pegasus.

A full body template of a unicorn jumping in the air. Probably one of our more intricate stencils.

A majestic head of a unicorn with a few intricate details shown in the hair.

A neat template of a unicorn with stripes through it.

A unicorn with its mane blowing in the wind.

A fun, delicate stencil cut out of a sweet unicorn.

A nice silhouette of our favorite fantasy creature.

A unicorn with long eyelashes, closed eyes and both a bow and flowers in her hair.

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