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41 Cutest Unicorn Cat Coloring Pages (Free!)

A unicorn, a creature with a single horn on its head, is one of the most popular mythical creatures.

And cats are one of our most favorite pets, so why not have coloring pages for unicorn cats?

We have 41 unicorn cat coloring pages to print for free. Coloring sheets are the perfect activity to keep your kids busy.

They will also help them develop their fine motor skills, and develop color recognition.

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This collection of unicorn cat coloring pages will make any child happy.

Whether you want simple cat unicorns or complex ones, we’ve got options!

And they’re all free, so just pick your favorites and print away! So go ahead and color away.

black and white line drawings of cats with unicorn horns on their heads

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Kawaii unicats are so cute!

Adorable! Young kittens always seem to love to hang together.

Fun Fact About Cats To Ponder While Coloring

Did you know that cats can jump as much as five times their own height?

A simple kitten doodle.

Fun Cat Fact To Think About While Coloring Your Page

Cats can see colors, but their colors are limited to mostly shades of blues and yellows. The blues can lean toward violet and the yellow toward green.

Other colors tend to appear grayish to them.

It’s Unikitty!

Kawaii cat cake.

Fun Unicorn Cat Fact!

Felicity, is a magical cat. Per wikipedia, she is part butterfly, part rainbow, and part unicorn.

Her special powers allow her to choose between her special rainbow powers, special butterfly powers, and unicorn powers.

Another Fun Cat Fact While Coloring

Cats are 95% tiger, well sort of! They actually share over (95% of their genetic makeup with tiger).

A Unicat Sign “U Is For Unicorn Cat”

Cat Fact While Coloring!

Most cats can run as fast as 30 mph, but that’s over short distances. Still incredibly impressive.

Many Unicorn Cats Have Special Powers, Use Colorful Markers Or Crayons To Make Your Kitty Bright!

Another Fun Fact About Cats

Cats are not nocturnal, they are Crepuscular. This means they are most active around dusk and dawn.

Fun Fact

Did you know there is a TV series called Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty? This special kitty is not only a unicorn cat, but it also is a butterfly as well.

There are also two films where we see a unicorn cat, one is in The Lego Movie, called Princess Unikitty.

And the other is called Unikitty which is an animated TV series on the Cartoon network.

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