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 Spring Color By Number (Free Printables) 

On this page we have 10 free spring color by number pages.

Spring is just around the corner! With that comes more time soaking up the sunshine and rainy days.

Our free spring color by number printables include flowers, rainbows, butterflies, birds, and more.

They will help kids practice their color recognition, fine motor skills, and number recognition, but in a fun way. 

These are a fun activity for young children that is especially perfect for a rainy spring day or even a fun Easter activity. 

Multiple pages of spring color by number printables.

Our spring coloring pages are super easy to print and take practically zero prep time.

They even have the number and color key pre-filled, so you don’t have to worry about that extra step. 

Download and print the sheets. Then set out some crayons or markers, and your kids are set for hours of coloring fun!

These color by number sheets include a number in each section. Kids can match the corresponding color with each number using the answer key. 

By the end, they’ll uncover the mystery picture by coloring in each section. And the best part is that it’s such an easy way to get kids excited about learning!

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Fun Spring Color By Number Printables

Directions for Spring Color By Number Worksheets

The numbers in the picture correspond with the different colors in the code set above.

Kids will use a crayon, colored pencil, or marker to color in the area that matches the number in each section with the correct color.

Just choose your favorite page below, or get the whole set as one PDF file at the bottom of the post.

A pretty butterfly to color in bright spring colors.

An umbrella is always a good thing to have around during springtime.

A lovely flower grows inside a pot during spring.

We also have a full post for flower color by number pages you might want to check out!

Bumble bees awaken during the spring season.

A cute bird prepares to sing a song.

Rainbows are something you are likely to see during spring.

Ladybugs are good for your garden! They eat the harmful insects that eat your favorite plants.

You’ll find more bugs to color in our fun bug color by number printables, so check them out after!

Mushrooms start to thrive in springtime weather.

Flying a kite is a fun activity to do during spring on a nice day.

A mix of sun and clouds. This is a typical forecast this time of year.

All the spring color by number pages are here above, in one PDF file.

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