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27 Free Shark Coloring Pages

Sharks are one of the most popular oceanic animals, so kids of all ages will love these unique free shark coloring pages. 

They are great for coloring while watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

It’s a perfect time to teach them more about sharks while also helping them develop their motor skills.

So print out some free printable shark coloring pages and let your child explore the wonders of the ocean!

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Shark Coloring Pages

Fun Fact
Sharks are very solitary animals who like to hunt and live alone.

However, they have no problem getting in on the action if there is a feeding shark around them. Their preferred time to hunt is at night. 

Free Printable Coloring Pages of Funny Sharks

A happy little shark exploring the wonders of the ocean.

A friendly shark playing with his sweet fish friends.

This shark bares his sharp teeth as he visits other ocean creatures.

Fun Fact
There are more than 450 different species of sharks in the ocean ranging in size from 6” to 4’!

This playful shark looks so cute in his baseball hat!

Drawings of Simple Sharks for Younger Kids

A super cute shark enjoys an afternoon swim in the coral reef.

Fun Fact
Sharks can have anywhere from 1 up to 100 babies at one time depending on the species!

A playful shark on his way to meet his sea friends!

Kids can gather their favorite crayons or colored pencils to create their next masterpiece!

Different Species of Sharks Coloring Pages

A great white shark looking for prey. Look at those teeth!

An adorable hammerhead shark enjoying the wonders of the ocean.

Fun Fact
Have you ever wondered why the hammerhead shark has eyes on each side of its head?

It gives them a wider field of vision. They are definitely one of the most unusual looking sharks.

A scary looking tiger shark looking for his dinner.

Fun and Cute Shark Printable Sheets

A sweet baby shark sucking on a pacifier playing in the coral reef.

A little shark holding a stuffed animal of a shark.

Fun Fact
Many people think the great white shark is the biggest shark, but it’s actually the whale shark.

It’s not only the biggest type of shark, but the biggest type of fish in the entire world!

This mom, dad and baby shark family are spending an afternoon frolicking in the sea!

A happy shark playing with a beach ball.

A trio of sea creatures, this shark family stops by to say hello to Mr. Crab.

Cute shark with wide eyes and a playful smile.

Fun Fact
Sharks can be found in warmer climates like Florida and Mexico.

However some cold water sharks live in the icy waters of Iceland and Alaska.

Look at this pretty shark with long eyelashes and the cutest smile!

This family of sharks has a little afternoon play time.

A cute shark, jellyfish and puffer fish enjoy marine life.

Fun Fact
Sharks have a lifespan of between 20-30 years old when they live in the wild.

An adorable baby shark with a little heart on her forehead.

A playful shark enjoying an upside down swim.

This shark is all decked out with a pretty bow on her head with little guppies trailing behind her.

A strong looking shark striking a pose!

Fun Fact
There is only one species of shark that will put its head above water.

Any guesses? It is the great white shark!

A shark jumping out of the ocean with a sly smile.

A happy and playful shark swimming with his pal.

Fun Fact
Did you know that baby sharks are actually called pups?

This happy shark swims with a stingray and little guppies.

Intricate design of a shark with a mandala pattern.

For another fun under the sea adventure activity, take a look at the I Spy Ocean printable.

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