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50 Printable Pumpkin Face Stencils –For Free

Dive into the Halloween spirit with our collection of 50 unique and captivating pumpkin face stencils! Perfect for everyone from the novice carver to the seasoned pro, these stencils are entirely free and designed to elevate your pumpkin carving game this season.

As the chill of Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to select a pumpkin and bring it to life with our diverse range of stencils.

Whether you’re looking for something spooky, whimsically funny, or adorable, we’ve got you covered with patterns that cater to every skill level and aesthetic preference.

How to Use Our Printable Pumpkin Carving Templates

When choosing your pattern, consider the size and shape. For taller patterns, consider getting an oval pumpkin. And for wider patterns, look for pumpkins that are nice and wide.

  • Select Your Pattern: Keep the size and shape of your pumpkin in mind. Opt for an oval pumpkin for taller designs and a wider one for expansive patterns.
  • Download and Print: Access our free stencils and adjust the scale in your printer settings for a perfect fit on your pumpkin.
  • Prepare Your Pumpkin: Tape your chosen pattern onto the pumpkin’s surface. Use a thumbtack to outline the design by puncturing the skin.
  • Trace and Carve: If needed, trace over the puncture marks with a pen or marker once the paper is removed. Cut along the designated grey areas to reveal your masterpiece.

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To discover even more creative pumpkin carving ideas, here are our special unicorn carving templates. And we have cute cats, ghosts and soccer themed ones on our DIY site.

Free Printable Pumpkin Face Stencils

Choose your favorite stencil from these fun Halloween free pumpkin carving templates below.

A classic unhappy Jack face.

A happy pumpkin face.

A dismayed and grumpy pumpkin guy.

This looks like a very worried Jack O’Lantern, but very cute.

A happy, toothy pumpkin face.

A mean and sneaky pumpkin grin.

I think this one is rolling his eyes at the others.

This Jack is very frowny.

Is it me? Or does this one look like he might cry?

An easy pumpkin face to carve.

A pumpkin face with a crooked smile.

This pumpkin face guy looks a little bit crazy.

A carefree pumpkin face.

This pumpkin has very fun eyes.

A Frankenstein pumpkin face stencil.

I think this pumpkin face guy likes to sing.

This pumpkin is very excitable.

A nice, typical classic Jack face pattern.

Look at the eyebrows on this fella.

This pumpkin surely will need braces on his teeth.

A perturbed pumpkin face.

Another take on a pumpkin Frankenstein face.

This one looks like a real sweetheart.

A funny looking face on a pumpkin.

A curvy, funny smile.

A giant smile, perhaps the biggest I’ve ever seen. You may want a big candle to put inside of him.

This pumpkin also looks kind of sweet somehow.

A pumpkin pattern with a clown face.

A soft, drippy looking Jack pattern.

Another clown-like face on a pumpkin.

Look at the eyebrows on this guy.

Now those are some nice teeth!

A sweet clown face template.

A snaggletooth pumpkin face.

A smiley pumpkin face.

Sad and frowny pumpkin guy.

Wow, this one looks pretty mean.

A cat or an owl? Maybe both?

Oh, the angst. He must be a teenager.

A creepy face carving pattern.

A happy classic Jack face.

Super confused –aren’t we all.

An evil grimacing pumpkin.

Here’s a fun one to carve with the curvy lines.

Here we go again, an owl or a cat?

This pumpkin face looks like it’s been blowing in the wind.

Do you think that’s a tongue? Either way, he’s very cute.

A pumpkin face with a chin and a jawline. That’s unique.

I think I’d get a headache if my eyes were crossed like that. Poor guy, get him some aspirin.

Oooh, it’s the creepy IT clown face. You better be up for carving a scary face.

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Expert Pumpkin Carving Tips

  • Consider cutting the bottom of the pumpkin for a seamless look and easier candle placement.
  • Equip yourself with a pumpkin carving kit or use household tools like a kitchen knife and a linoleum cutter for detailed work.
  • Choose a pumpkin with a stable base.
  • Extend your carved pumpkin’s lifespan by avoiding direct sunlight and applying petroleum jelly to its interior.
  • Display your creation on your front porch to prominently to share the Halloween joy with everyone.

Patience and creativity can transform a simple pumpkin into an extraordinary Halloween centerpiece. Happy carving! 

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