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PJ Masks Coloring Pages

We have 21 free printable PJ Masks coloring pages for kids of all ages. 

And with such a great selection of fun scenes of PJ Masks characters to choose from you’re sure to find one that ignites that creative spark. 

Coloring has many benefits, not only does it help with color recognition, but it also helps with developing motor skills and mindfulness.

It can provide hours of long-term fun and is the perfect rainy day activity for those who want to express their creative side.

These coloring book pages are from the PJ Masks TV cartoon series about three young kids who turn into superheroes. These much-loved characters become superheroes when they put on their pajamas (PJs) and wear their amulets which will then become activated.

They obtain the features of their guiding spirit animal, along with additional special powers.

Connor, the main hero character becomes a cat, called Cat-boy. Amaya becomes an owl, called Owlette and Greg turns into a gecko named Gekko.

Throughout the series, they will take on villains to fight crimes and solve mysteries. 

PJ Masks is available on many streaming services such as Hulu, Disney Plus and Netflix with 5 seasons so far. Season 6 is expected in 2023.

Choose your favorite characters to color from the pictures below. These coloring page images were gathered from around the web.

Just click on the picture to be taken to the page where you can print it to color now.

Fun Fact:
The Pj Mask series is based on a French book called Les Pyjamasques.

She’s cute but watch out. She has a crystal garden where she keeps crystals that can be used for harm.

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The team in their pajamas, wearing their amulets. Connor turns into Catboy, Greg into Gekko and Amaya into Owlette.

Fun Fact:
Armadylan is an anti-hero –mostly. He is an Armadillo-like character who is just learning to use his powers.

He rolls himself up into a ball of thunder. He sometimes steals from the PJ Masks team, but also often helps them.

Meet Owlette, one of three of the PJ Masks team.

Fun Fact:
Owlette can fly, has superior eyesight, even being able to see in the dark.  

She sends bad guys flying through the air with her wings, which she also uses as a shield. Though she is very sweet, she tends to be impatient.

Luna Girl riding her moon shaped hoverboard-like device, shooting her Luna magnet.

Fun Fact:
The characters of the show are all animals and all happen to be nocturnal.

Mischievous anti-heroes Luna Girl, Romeo and Night Ninja come out at night.

Fun Fact:
The villain Octobella is an octopus who lives below the city in the canals.

Catboy stands, ready to pounce in a battle.

Fun Fact:
Wolfy Kids are three junior werewolves that like to rebel rouse by racing around town wreaking havoc and howling with their super-sonic yowls.

Owlette lifts Cat-boy and Gekko above the city.

Gekko, Owlette and Catboy with a birthday cake.

Fun Fact:
Catboy is the leader of the heroes, he is lightning fast, agile, and has amazing hearing.

He uses a cat car to get around. He is friendly and caring. Catboy is afraid of water.

The PJ Masks team is ready to take on villains to fight crime.

Connor in his pajamas transforms into Cat-boy.

Fun Fact:
An-Yu is the protector of Mystery Mountain, half girl, half dragon. She’s a little rude and stubborn, but most often helps the Team.

An-Yu doesn’t like to leave the mountain because her magical powers don’t work anywhere but there.

True Fact: Did you know that Firefly villain was slated to be in the 2nd season of PJ Masks but ended up getting dropped from the series?

Our three heroes in their vehicles, the cat-car, owl glider and gekko-mobile.

Fun Fact:
There are multiple bad guys who are ancillary characters of the show, such as Octobella, Motsuki, and Splat Monster.

Gekko uses his forearms to shield himself.

Owlette flies while carrying a marionette doll of a witch.

Night ninja prepares to fight one of the heroes.

Owlette and Gekko standing on the city streets after Romeo causes trouble.

Friend of the team, PJ Robot comes to help.

The PJ Masks team carries presents for the holidays.

Fun Fact:
Because of his sticky hands and feet, Gekko can climb anything.

He can easily camouflage himself by changing his skin into different colors to blend in with his surroundings.

Gekko is very strong and can summon shields to his arms. Oh, and he can also walk on water.

Cat-boy, Amaya and Gekko page to color by connecting the dots in numbered order.

PJ Masks after winning an epic battle.

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Catboy ready to take off at lightning fast speed.

Fun Fact:
Newton Star is another friend of the team, he is a book obsessed boy, who uses asteroids to help him fly and can glide with great skill.

He can also breathe in space without special gear.

Owlette, Catboy and Gekko in the theater trying to stop a crime.

Amaya transforms into Owlette after putting on her PJs.

Greg becomes Gekko when his amulet is activated and he puts his jammies on.

Here come Gekko, Catboy and Amaya to save the day!

Gekko is happy after beating the villains.

Fun Fact:
Motsuki is a moth villain that can fly to the moon due to the crystal that is embedded in her chest.

The crystal has the power to paralyze the PJ Masks team.

Pj Masks team on Halloween in front of a haunted house. A jack o’ lantern sits by the front porch.

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