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Monster Coloring Pages for Free

Here are 17 unique monster coloring pages. Not all monsters are scary and we’ve made sure to include a wide selection for both young children and older kids.

Choose from adorable monsters to silly monsters, aliens, and yes, scary monsters.

These monsters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and textures, so there are lots of creative possibilities of colors to use when coloring.

black and white line drawing of a little yeti monster with a spooky tree behind him.

These free printable coloring pages are perfect for rainy days, weekends, and during summer break. They are great for helping with focus and coordination and are just plain ole’ fun to do.

For other free coloring pages you may like, check out our wolf pages, cute pup Bluey, and the Transformers coloring pages.

Cute Monster Coloring Pages

Monsters aren’t always bad, some are just so cute! This Yeti looks a little sleepy, and his cave needs a little cleaning.

Fun Fact
Did you know that a Yeti is different from Bigfoot? A yeti is a similar creature but comes from the continent of Asia. Bigfoot is a legend from North America. Bigfoot is also known as Sasquatch. 

It has not yet been proven that either exists but I think our Yeti monsters here would disagree.

I think this yeti monster is going to a rock concert? How cute is he with his horn and his candle?

This cute little monster is up to no good for sure.

It’s Halloween and this little monster has clearly had too much candy. I think it’s time for a dental check-up.

The sun is rising and it’s this sleepy monster’s bedtime.

Alien Monsters Free Printables

A drippy wet sea monster with one eye.

A socially friendly monster waving high, despite his downward smile.

Fun Fact
A cyclops is a one-eyed monster. Typically a cyclops is a big monster, but don’t tell these guys, they’re kinda small.

A worm-like monster with big eyes.

A horned monster with wings too.

Fun Fact
Would you color his (or her) decorative shag balls a bright color?

An alien from outer space has invaded our moon. He’s waiting for his friends so they can take over the planet earth.

Scary Monster Coloring Pages

A zombie leaves the city, heading to the country to find something to eat.

Fun Fact
Zombies have always been a big deal in scary movie culture.

Some of the top zombie movies are:

  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Dawn of the Dead

Just make sure you check first if they’re suitable for your age!

Here are our zombie coloring pages.

A skeleton chasing after someone? Or is he running from the cops after jaywalking?

A flying, fire-breathing dragon searching to destroy.

Fun Fact
Dragons can be scary monsters, but there are some popular, friendly dragons like:

  • Elliot from Pete’s Dragon
  • Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon 
  • Haku in Spirited Away
  • Falkor in The NeverEnding Story
  • Draco in Dragonheart)
  • Dragonite from Pokemon

We have a whole post dedicated to adult dragon coloring pages for you.

Free Silly Monsters Coloring Pages

A lost mummy asking for directions out of the cemetery. “Ah, excuse me, do you know which direction is east?”

Would you tell him?

Funny, cute monsters playing tricks on each other.

Fun Monster Coloring Sheets

It’s showtime and it’s this monster’s birthday party.

A cute little monster devil sits waiting patiently for her devil dad.

And if you want to learn how to draw, here is a great one, make a cool drawing of a vampire bat.

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