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31 Cutest Merry Christmas Printable Cards- Free!

There’s no need to shop from store to store to find your holiday cards because we’ve created 31 unique merry Christmas printable cards right here, for free!

These cards have options for all family members. They include lots of different colors, styles, and messages.

The styles include funny Christmas cards, cute, vintage, and traditional holiday cards.

You can also use these printables as gift cards or hang them up to use as holiday decor.

And if you’re on a tight budget, these are an especially great way to send Christmas cheer since they are all free!

What do you need to print these cards?

You’ll need white cardstock and a home printer.

However, to get the best quality print, you may want to send a copy of the digital file to a local print shop.

Just download or click on the PDF to print it. Then cut around the grey line to get the card shape and size.

These card designs will fit into standard card-sized envelopes.

But the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the card you want to print, so scroll down below to see the options.

Of course, if you prefer to make your own cards from scratch, over on our DIY crafts site there are over 30 ideas for handmade cards, and a list of Christmas poems you can add to these cards.

Also, for holiday prep help, they have 30 types of free Christmas list printables you can download.

Printable Merry Christmas Card PDFs

Here’s a card with a sweet cat wearing earmuffs.

He’s standing in front of a Christmas tree decorated with fish ornaments.

A cute pink and white reindeer card that says Happy Holidays.

A fat, happy cat wants to give a season’s cheer.

An adorable bunny dressed for winter weather on this card with a Christmas theme background.

This pink rabbit is the holiday spirit as she gets ready to string the lights onto the Christmas tree.

A warm cup of hot chocolate awaits her after.

An adorable baby cow pops out of a gift box.

This adorable card with a cat has a very festive look.

A cute dog with big eyes is wearing a Santa hat.

A sweet little penguin warms herself in a cup of hot cocoa garnished with a candy cane.

A cute little birdie on the side of a cup of a warm drink with whipped cream on top.

A card with lots of Christmas decorations and a singing cat.

This adorable card has a cute pup on it.

This gnome has a touch of holiday cheer with his hot cocoa.

A merry Christmas card with a penguin dressed for the cold.

A cat bundled up for winter, with festive snowflakes in the background.

This cute baby reindeer in a mug has the right idea —nothing like hopping inside a cup of hot chocolate to keep yourself warm.

Funny Printable Cards For Christmas

A goofy dancing cat and a kitten, all bundled up, looks at the cat with strange eyes.

I think this kitty has gotten into the string of Christmas lights.

A cat that probably ate too much of his Christmas dinner.

What’s with cats and trees? I know a cat myself who likes climbing the Christmas tree. Luuuuccccy!

Here’s that dancing cat again, but this time it’s with a perturbed dog.

Vintage Christmas Card Free Printables

An old fashioned snowman card.

A simple vintage Christmas card with a festive touch.

A vintage Christmas card with a snowman carrying a package.

Traditional Christmas Cards

 A card with a nice design of a Christmas tree decorated with bright red ball ornaments.

A purple Christmas ornament card with a simple snowflake background.

A choir of elf children singing Christmas music. They are singing, “let heaven and nature sing.”

For more elf-themed fun, check out these elf coloring sheets on our coloring and drawing site.

A card to write a name for who it is for and who it’s from.

A basic design with snowflakes on a blue background and ‘Season’s Greetings’ as the message.

A simple black and white design with snowflakes with ‘Season’s Greetings” as the message.

A soft, green card with lots of snowflakes and ‘Merry Christmas’ as the message.

A black and white simple card with snowflakes and ‘Merry Christmas’ as the message.

A Santa Claus card that says ‘Merry Christmas’.

If you’re looking for more fun activities to do around holidays, here are free coloring printables for Thanksgiving and celebrating the New Year.

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