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Martin Luther King Color By Number

These Martin Luther King Color by Number pages are an easy activity.

Use them to introduce young kids to Martin Luther King, Jr. and the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Your kids will have so much fun learning while coloring!

And if you’re a teacher, these coloring pages are a perfect addition to your lesson plans for Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Black History Month. 

Although these might seem like simple activities, they are a great way to start or extend meaningful conversations about equality, justice, and fairness.

Multiple Martin Luther King Color by number pages. Top one is MLK jr face and hands colored in by code.

Martin Luther King Jr Day falls on the third Monday of January. As a teacher or parent, this is a great opportunity to help your students learn about a great man while also supporting their math skills!

Color by number sheets are great for use at home and school.

How to Use Martin Luther King Color by Number Printables In Your Classroom

There are so many ways to use these Martin Luther King coloring pages to support your preschool – kindergarten students!

Here are some ideas on how to implement these Martin Luther King color by number activities in your classroom or homeschool:

  • Use them as a morning warm-up to get kids thinking bright and early
  • Reflect on the messages during the morning meeting
  • Offer these as an extension activity to support early finishers
  • Provide these as extra practice for students who want to practice their math skills
  • Review these in a small group with students working on number identification
  • Rotate through these MLK coloring pages in your math centers

Benefits of Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Pages

Parents and teachers love color by number pages for a few important reasons.

First, number coloring pages are a great way to keep kids engaged while learning!

Color-by-numbers worksheets are also perfect for practicing fine motor skills, number recognition, and color recognition.

Since these pages practice the numbers 1-8, they’re ideal for students in preschool through kindergarten.

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How to Complete Martin Luther King Jr Color By Number Worksheets

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons to use color by number pages with your kids!

And I try to make it as easy as possible to make these materials accessible for you, too. Here’s how it works.

  1. Download each individual Martin Luther King Jr. color page by clicking each image or scroll to the bottom of this post to download all the coloring pages at once.
  2. Gather your coloring supplies and distribute the pages.
  3. Explain to your students that they need to find the colors from the color key and use those colors to fill in the shapes with the corresponding number.
  4. Color! Let your students try their hand at completing these activities.
  5. Display their hard work. Consider cutting out just the picture and displaying them somewhere to highlight your students’ great work!

Martin Luther King Color By Number Printables

Ready to get started? Here are each of the individual pages you can print to celebrate Martin Luther King Day! Or at the bottom you can print the entire set as one PDF file.

Start with this portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to help students recognize his face.

Three hands in a fist, each with a different skin color. This page highlights the value of equality, which was so essential to Dr. King’s work.

This Martin Luther King color by number printable portrays two hands of different colors shaking with a heart in the background.

This page is a fun way to learn about the peace sign!

On this coloring sheet, kids will color in a hand, striking down a gavel. This represents Dr. King’s fight for racial justice and equality.

On this final page, students will color in a silhouette of Dr. King’s profile; this is a great moment to share more about his life.

Want all of these Martin Luther King color by number pages? Click the image above to download the pdf file for the complete set of printables to celebrate MLK Day with your class.

For more fun printable activities, check out these Memorial Day color by number, Father’s Day coloring pages, or another educational one for a backyard scavenger hunt.

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