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25 Cute Kitten Coloring Pages for Free

Discover the purr-fect pastime with our unique collection of adorable and free cute kitten coloring pages, ready for you to print today.

Beloved for their playful charm, kittens hold a special place in kids’ hearts, making these printables a hit among preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Yet, our designs include illustrations that will challenge older children, ensuring a fun coloring adventure for kids of all ages.

Coloring is not just an entertaining activity; it’s a great way to enhance motor skills, boost color recognition, and spark creative expression in young minds.

It also plays a role in improving hand-eye coordination, an essential skill for early development.

As you explore our unique assortment of kitten coloring sheets, you’ll find a variety of designs tailored to different skill levels, guaranteeing that every child finds a favorite page to bring to life with colors.

But the fun doesn’t stop with kittens. If your little ones marvel at magical creatures and the animal kingdom, they’ll be thrilled with our other coloring page collections.

From the whimsical world of unicorn cats to the wild realms of fierce wolves, tigers, and an array of cute animals, our printable coloring pages invite children to embark on a colorful journey of discovery and creativity.

Choose one or several of our printable kitten coloring pages today, and let your child’s imagination roam free. And be sure to catch our interesting tidbits about kittens at the bottom of the page!

Free Printable Kitten Coloring Pages

These printables are free for educational, personal, non-commercial use only.

A cartoon-like cat and mouse are hanging out looking for cheese!

For this page, you can color the kitten’s spots a different color than the main coat of fur. The paws can also be a separate color.

This adorable Tabby cat kitten is ready for a treat. She has the cutest look on her face, with her tail wagging.

This is another fun kitten to use two different colors for the fur.

Here is a litter of 6 family members ready to play and cause a little mischief!

A fluffy tuxedo cat is taking a happy stroll showing off her big eyes and beautiful coat of fur.

Tuxedo cats are always two different colors with the chest and tail fur in white. The rest of the coat can vary from orange to brown, gray or black.

A sweet little cat is playing with her ball of yarn, looking up at her owner adoringly.

These juvenile cats have their tails wrapped around each other and love having a furry friend!

This darling baby kitten sits on her comfy bed while watching television with her owners.

A happy kitten stretches its hind legs after enjoying a delicious dinner.

Look at this adorable tortie cat all dressed up for a stroll with a pretty bow on her head.

Here is a Sylvester the cat-like kitten looking regal and proud on top of his cat bed.

A happy tabby kitten going for a mid-afternoon stroll, proud as can be. 

A tiny kitten looks a little sad until she gets her favorite toy to cheer her up!

Look at how happy this fluffy cat looks, holding a giant-sized cone of ice cream. I’d be happy too!

These kitten coloring pages also make great greeting cards for someone special.

A handsome kitten takes a seat while wearing his Sunday best bow tie.

This detailed kitten can be brought to life with bright colored pencils or crayons. A perfect one to frame or give as gift!

This small kitten looks a little sad. Turn her smile upside down by using your favorite coloring tool!

A silly kitten takes a seat inside a teacup, looking adorably sweet.

A beautiful kitten with a tiny bow and a mouse both eye a block of cheese. Who will get to it first?

A happy kitten is dressed for the snow with a winter hat and scarf, waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas morning.

A great ideas is to use this coloring page as a Christmas card.

A playful little kitten enjoys a little downtime in her comfy cat bed under a living room window.

A pair of kittens appear in love on their Wedding day!  They are in their finest cat attire.

Speaking of love, you may also like these Valentine’s color by number pages!

A super cute kitten wearing a heart collar looks ready to strike a pose with bright, happy eyes.

This adorable striped kitten is ready to go on an adventure!

This happy and sweet tuxedo cat enjoys a Saturday afternoon playing outside with her cat friends.

A mischievous kitten is ready to pounce into this fish bowl. Look out, Mr. Fish!

For more cute animals to color, take a look at our adorable pig pages and sweet puppies.

Interesting Tidbits About Kittens

  • The Silent and the Blind: Kittens arrive in this world in silence and darkness, born blind and nearly deaf. Their eyes remain shut for the first week, and it takes about 2-3 weeks before their vision and hearing start to develop, making them entirely dependent on their mother’s care during these initial stages.
  • Baby Steps to Leaps: The first three weeks of a kitten’s life are a journey from immobility to their first wobbly steps. By the fourth week, they start to run and engage in playful antics, marking the beginning of endless adventures.
  • Round-the-Clock Care: Newborn kittens require feeding every 2-3 hours, a demanding schedule that keeps mother cats tirelessly on their toes, particularly when nurturing a large litter.
  • The Importance of Spaying/Neutering: With an abundance of homeless cats and those in shelters, spaying or neutering your kitten is crucial. By the age of 5 months, kittens are capable of reproducing, highlighting the importance of timely veterinary care.
  • Litter Box Training Made Simple: Unlike the sometimes challenging task of potty training children, kittens are natural pros. Introduce them to a litter box, and they’ll instinctively know what to do, mimicking their mother’s behavior and even tidily covering their waste, simplifying the care process significantly.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

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