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25 Cute Kitten Coloring Pages for Free

Kitten coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop motor skills, color recognition, and creative expression.

Many coloring pages of cute animals are available online, but kittens are especially popular with young children. 

While most of these kitten printables are suitable for preschool and kindergarten age children, some are more challenging and can be enjoyed by older kids as well.

In addition to being a fun activity, coloring can also help kids develop important motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. 

When choosing kitten coloring pages for your child, look for ones appropriate for their age and skill level.

With this collection of 25 unique kitten coloring sheets, you’re sure to find a page they’ll love!

Fun Fact
Domestic cats are also known as house cats when they are kept as pets.

Some farmers will keep domestic cats in their barns to keep away rodents. They are known as farm cats.

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Kitten Coloring Pages

A cartoon-like cat and mouse are hanging out looking for cheese!

This adorable Tabby cat kitten is ready for a treat.

She has the cutest look on her face, with her tail wagging.

Here is a litter of 6 family members ready to play and cause a little mischief!

Fun Fact
Did you know that all kittens are born with blue eyes? Yup! As they grow, their eye color may darken and change color.

So even if your cat has dark eyes now, as a kitten, they are blue!

A fluffy tuxedo cat is taking a happy stroll showing off her big eyes and beautiful coat of fur.

A sweet little cat is playing with her ball of yarn, looking up at her owner adoringly.

These juvenile cats have their tails wrapped around each other and love having a furry friend!

This darling baby kitten sits on her comfy bed while watching television with her owners.

Fun Fact
Kittens are born blind and almost totally deaf when they are born.

They cannot even open their eyes for the first week and will not be able to see or hear for at least 2-3 weeks.

As a result, they are totally dependent on their mama during this time.

A happy kitten stretches its hind legs after enjoying a delicious dinner.

Look at this adorable tortie cat all dressed up for a stroll with a pretty bow on her head.

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Here is a Sylvester the cat-like kitten looking regal and proud on top of his cat bed.

A happy tabby kitten going for a mid-afternoon stroll, proud as can be. 

Fun Fact
Kittens can also not walk until they are about 3 weeks old. Even then, they are wobbly.

Finally, it takes them about 4 weeks to be able to run and play.

A tiny kitten looks a little sad until she gets her favorite toy to cheer her up!

Look at how happy this fluffy cat looks, holding a giant-sized cone of ice cream. I’d be happy too!

A handsome kitten takes a seat while wearing his Sunday best bow tie.

This detailed kitten can be brought to life with bright colored pencils or crayons. A perfect one to frame!

This small kitten looks a little sad. Turn her smile upside down by using your favorite coloring tool!

Fun Fact
A mother cat is no easy job! Kittens must eat every 2-3 hours when they are first born.

So the mama cat must stay nearby and be ready to nurse at any given time. Especially if she has a large litter.

A silly kitten takes a seat inside a teacup, looking adorably sweet.

A beautiful kitten with a tiny bow and a mouse both eye a block of cheese. Who will get to it first?

A happy kitten is dressed for the snow with a winter hat and scarf, waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas morning.

Fun Fact
Spaying or neutering your kitten is vital because there are way too many homeless cats and cats in shelters.

Also, at about 5 months old, kittens can procreate, so you definitely want to make sure to get them fixed.

A playful little kitten enjoys a little downtime in her comfy cat bed under a living room window.

A pair of kittens appear in love on their Wedding day!  They are in their finest cat attire.

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Fun Fact
Kittens are super easy to potty-train (unlike children)!

You just place them in a litter box, and they instinctively know what to do by watching their mom.

They also bury their waste, making them pretty easy to care for.

A super cute kitten wearing a heart collar looks ready to strike a pose with bright, happy eyes.

This adorable striped kitten is ready to go on an adventure!

This happy and sweet tuxedo cat enjoys a Saturday afternoon playing outside with her cat friends.

A mischievous kitten is ready to pounce into this fish bowl. Look out, Mr. Fish!

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