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Kawaii Coloring Pages –For free!

Here are 29 adorable, free kawaii coloring pages perfect for all ages to color. 

If you’re a coloring fan and love anime, then you may already know that kawaii is a Japanese term of affection for anything small, adorable, and lovable. It’s the culture of cuteness. 

Coloring is such a great way to practice relaxation and reduce stress levels. What could be a better way to spend your free time and have hours of fun rewarding your inner artist?

A lot of anime is inspired by the kawaii style. Visually, it has beautiful color palettes, with pastel colors used often. Will you stick with the same pastel colors? Or will you go bold?

If you love Kawaii, check out some of the interesting things you may not have known about Kawaii at the bottom of the post.

How To Print These Coloring Pages

On your browser, click on the coloring image or where it says Click to Print. A new tab will open.

-On Chrome, you can choose to either click the printer icon to Print right away. Or click the arrow icon to Download it to your computer first.

-On Safari, go to File: Print. Or to download it to your computer first, go to File: Save As.

Printable Kawaii Coloring Pages PDFs

Take a look through our collection of cute coloring pages and choose your favorite kawaii drawings to print to color now; or download to save for later. 

An adorable kawaii dog dances in the rain with an umbrella.

A cute kawaii dragon flying in his cave.

A super cute little kawaii frog is dancing on his lily pad, using jazz hands.

A kangaroo prepares for her boxing match.

Adorable, cuddly kawaii friends, a dog and a penguin keep each other dry from the rain.

Kawaii Food Coloring Page

A yummy croissant and kawaii piece of candy await the owner of this desk.

A milkshake or bubble tea? Which do you prefer when reading a book?

Kawaii Inanimate Objects Free Coloring Pages

This silly tea pot is trying to blend in with the plant pots.

A backpack sits on the couch waiting to be picked up for school.

A kawaii balloon floats through the sky.

Cute Kawaii Illustrations of People

This cute kawaii girl is walking on the street window shopping with flowers in her hand.

A beautiful drawing of a kawaii princess with a castle behind her.

Young kawaii friends hang out in the park and have fun.

A kawaii samurai practicing for a sword fight. It’s a beautiful robe, don’t you think?

A flashy kawaii motorbike rider, after taking a spin through the city.

A young kawaii girl falls asleep in the grass with her cute kitten.

Amazing Kawaii Magical Creatures

Even unicorns can be kawaii style. This one is walking on a rainbow.

A mermaid on an island with a mountain behind her.

A kawaii mermaid underwater swimming near the coral.

Kawaii Cats Coloring Pages

Adorable kawaii kitten couple, sitting on a moon.

A kawaii kitten in a teacup with love in her eyes.

A kawaii cat sitting on a wreath in a window.

Cute kawaii cats playing on cupcakes.

A kawaii cat pretending to be a cactus.

Ooooh, that’s a big yawn from such a little fella.

The Wacky Creatures of Kawaii Culture To Color

Two wild and crazy panda bears take a cat for a ride on their scooter.

A kawaii panda poppin’ a wheelie!

Two kawaii cats playing samurai.

You may also like our other anime coloring pages of Gacha Life and the Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir on our sister site. Or for other little creatures, check out these elf coloring sheets.

Did you know? Manga is the wide-eyed appearance typically shown in Kawaii and Anime. Along with the wide eyes, usually there will be accentuated eyelashes.

Anime is Japanese animation and can be any style but usually shows this youthful (kawaii) or manga look.

One example of the kawaii style that doesn’t have a wide-eyed look is Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a Japanese toy that was invented in the 1970’s.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

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