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How to Draw an Ant

Here is a step by step tutorial for learning how to draw an ant. 

Learning how to draw using basic shapes is a fast way to learn. It also is the key to learning how to draw anything.

It doesn’t matter what the object is, all objects are made of basic shapes. And we’ve broken down the steps for how to draw this cute little ant for you. Take a look at the supplies you’ll need listed below.

orangey-brown colored in illustration of an ant

Drawing Materials for Learning How to Draw an Ant:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil sharpener

A white eraser is ideal for erasing marks because it won’t leave a red mark or streaks like pink erasers tend to, but both will work!

Also, I like to have several sheets of paper in case I want to start over.

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from finished black and white line drawing of ant to final colored in ant

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How to Draw an Ant: Step by Step

the 8 steps of how to draw an ant

There are 8 easy steps to drawing an ant. You’ll start with the head and work your way through the various parts of the ant.

Then end with filling in the details and coloring it if you want.

Step 1. Draw The Ant’s Head

first step of drawing an ant oval shape for head

The first step is to draw the head. The head isn’t exactly a large circle, it’s more of an oval shape.

You’ll notice that it’s rounder on the left side, and flatter on the bottom right side.

So the oval shape is on a slight angle, diagonally.

Step 2. Draw The First Part of the Thorax 

2nd step for how to draw an ant head and thorax oval shapes

The middle section of the ant includes the thorax and the abdomen, but you’ll start with the first section of the ant’s thorax.

Make another small oval shape just like the larger one in the previous step.

This will be at the same angle, but quite a bit smaller.

It will be attached to the flattened side of the head.

Now erase the line where the bottom circles overlap.

Step 3. Make the Second Section of the Thorax

3 oval shapes 1 big, 2 small for ant

This step is just like the previous one, draw another small oval just slightly smaller than the one you just drew.

Again connect it at the flat part.

Step 4. How to Draw an Ant Abdomen

4 shapes for ant head, thorax and abdomen

Now draw the abdomen of the ant. Its shape is much like an egg, but with a pointy tip at the back end.

It connects to the thorax on the rounder side.

Step 5. Create the Front Legs

draw an ant step 5 legs

For this next step, you’ll make the front legs of the ant. Start with the front leg.

The top part of the leg is a long oval and attaches to the middle of the top thorax.

The bottom part is a similar oval, but with another oval connected and pointing out to the right.

Erase the lines where the ovals overlap.

Repeat for the opposite leg and erase where the top of the leg connects to the thorax.

Step 6. Draw the Ant’s Hind Legs

ant drawing step 6 hind legs

The hind legs are just more long ovals attached to each other.

Start at the middle thorax and make a small narrow oval at an upward diagonal angle. Stop at halfway past the thorax.

Then connect another vertical long oval to that, stopping halfway down the abdomen. 

Finally, add one more long oval attached to the bottom, with a small oval that narrows at the back (pointing toward the back of the body).

Repeat on the other side, but only from the visible areas.

Step 7. How to Draw an Ant Mandible, Eyes and Antennae

step 7 ants eyes, jaws, abdomen details

First, fill in the details at the abdomen. Make a curved line for each section of the abdomen, spaced equally apart.

The ant mandibles are jaws. These are ovals with L-shaped curves facing inward.

To draw the ant antennae, start them at the far outsides of the head in an L-shape. This curves around and meets back at the side of the head.

The final part of this step is to create the Ant’s eyes, Make two ovals.

Step 8. Detail the Eyes and Color the Ant

draw an ant step 8 details and color

The last step is to add details to the ant’s eyes and to color your ant drawing if you’d like!

Make a large circle shape inside the oval of the ant’s eye to show the iris.

And then inside of that make a small circle to make the pupil.

Coloring in the iris will make the eye really stand out!

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Interesting facts about ants:

  • Ants are very social insects that live in large colonies. The different ants in the colonies have different jobs.
  • For instance, usually, younger ants will stay inside the colony to protect the nest queen ant and take care of the eggs.
    Did you know that ants are among the world’s strongest creatures?
  • It’s true, an ant can  lift up to 20 times its own body weight.
  • There are approximately 12,000 species of ants!
  • Ants don’t have ears, but they can feel vibrations through the ground.
  • Ants are as old as dinosaurs!

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step by step guide to drawing an ant

How To Draw An Ant

You can learn how to draw an ant in just 8 easy steps with this step by step drawing tutorial.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details.


  1. Follow the Dotted Circles to Draw the Ant’s Head
  2. Create the First Part of the Thorax Below the Head
  3. Make the Second Section of the Thorax
  4. Draw the Abdomen of the Ant Below the Second Thorax
  5. Create the Front Legs At The First Thorax Section
  6. Draw the Ant’s Hind Legs
  7. Draw the Mandible/ Jaws, the Eyes and Antennae
  8. Detail the Eyes and Color the Ant

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