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How to Draw A Goat –Easy Step by Step

If you have wanted to learn how to draw a goat, you are in the right place! Here is a simple tutorial with 8 easy steps.

Kids of all ages love these cute and cuddly farm animals, so they will love drawing them. The included individual steps show the best way to draw a cute goat! 

Although there are over 210 types of goats, they all have the same basic shape.

With these free drawing lessons, all you need to do is follow the simple steps to make your own goat picture the easy way!

Don’t you love the kinds of drawings that can be made with little to no drawing skills? I sure do!

Fun Fact
Male goats are called a “billy” or a “buck,” and female goats are called a “nanny” or a “doe.” And both male and female goats can have beards!

Materials For How to Draw a Goat

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener

All you need are a few materials to make a simple goat drawing. Keep some extra paper handy in case you want to start over.

You also want to have a nicely sharpened pencil and keep a pencil sharpener within reach. Finally, an eraser will be helpful.

While you can use a pink or white eraser, a pink eraser tends to leave streaks on the paper. 

Fun Fact
Did you know that the domestic goat was said to be one of the first animals to be domesticated? Who thought it was a dog?

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How to Draw a Goat Step By Step Instructions

each step in goat drawing process with dotted lines showing the step to be drawn

Step 1 Draw the Goat’s Head 

a circle and an oval dotted lines

The first step is to draw the head of the goat, which is a small round circle.

Step 2 Draw a Goat Body

circle and oval connecting ines

Below the circle you drew in the last step, create an oval shape for the goat’s body.

Next, add two small curved lines to make the goat’s neck and connect your goat’s head to the body.

Fun Fact
There are so many fun facts about goats. However, one of the most surprising things is that China has the most goats in the world, with over 170 million goats!

Step 3 Create the Goat’s Nose and Muzzle

nose position placed

Now you want to draw the lower part of the head by adding a smaller oval shape from the round circle. This is called the muzzle.  

Step 4 Draw The Goat’s Fur

goat's fur added

Next, add short strokes to the body of the goat. The easy way to do this is to draw wavy lines around the entire large oval you drew for the body.

Step 5 Make the Goat’s Legs

the feet of the goat drawn with dotten lines

First, draw two long lines extending from the goat’s body to draw one side of the legs.

Fun Fact
Goats do not like getting wet. So when it rains, they will often seek shelter to avoid getting wet. 

Step 6 Draw the Top of the Head and Goat’s Tail

back feet added and tail and top hair tufts

First, make the second set of legs with L-shaped lines that meet the first legs you drew in the previous step.

Create a cloud shape on top of the head of the goat to give him a tuft of head hair.

These extra small details make all the difference! Next, draw a short tail on the back of the goat’s body. This is done by creating a small oval shape.

Step 7 Draw the Goat’s Horns and Eye

the goat's horns and eye added

Next up, draw two short horns on the top of the goat. These are easily made by drawing a pair of little lines from the side of the head, ending in a sharply pointed shape.

You also want to finish the legs by drawing a triangle shape for the hooves.

Now draw the goat’s eye with a circle and place it just below the fur on his head.

Step 8 Create the Goat’s Ears and the Eye and Fur Details

positioning of the ears shown and fur details

Draw a circle for the goat’s pupil with a smaller circle within the eye. Be sure to add horizontal pupils to make the eyes pop!

Now you want to draw two ears on each side of the goat’s head. These are made in a rounded oval shape.

To make the fur stand out, add a few wavy lines the same shape as the outside of his fur.

Step 9 Add the Final Details

ear details added to the goat

Now it’s time to add a finishing touch or two by adding facial details. First, draw a curved line on the muzzle for the mouth.

Next, add a smaller curved line to the bottom of the head oval for the nose. And finally, add contour lines to the goat’s body and ear.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

How to Draw a Goat –Easy Step by Step

Here's a fun tutorial for how to draw a goat. This step by step tutorial will take through the process just by showing you how to make a cute goat picture using basic shapes.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details.


  1. Draw the Goat’s Head With A Circle
  2. Make The Body Shape of the Goat Using Two More Circles
  3. Create the Goat’s Nose and Muzzle
  4. Draw the Legs With Rectangular Shapes
  5. Draw the Fur Tuft On The Head and The Tail
  6. Make the Goat’s Ears And Detail the Fur
  7. Create The Horns, Toes and Eye
  8. Add the Finishing Details To The Goat’s Muzzle and Ear

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