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How to Draw a Butterfly Step By Step

Learn how to draw a butterfly in 10 easy steps.

Butterflies are popular subjects to draw in part because of the beautiful colors in their wings. 

This tutorial will teach you the best way to draw an easy butterfly.

Use fine black markers for a great way to connect the necessary points. Then, add a different color to the wings with a bright marker or colored pencil to make a realistic butterfly.

yellow and red cartoon butterfly drawing

We have made this a simple tutorial to follow. Each step breaks down the parts of a butterfly into simple shapes. This makes drawing this gorgeous insect an easy process.

black and white line drawing fof a butterfly with lines pointing to a colored in butterlfy

There are so many interesting facts about butterflies. But the one that surprised me the most was that there are over 20,000 butterfly species! Did you know there were that many?

For more fun facts, check out the bottom of the post.

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Materials for Learning How to Draw a Butterfly

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil sharpener

Keep a white eraser close by. The white ones are a helpful tool to have when learning to draw because they don’t leave red streaks as pink erasers do.

But in a pinch, both white and pink erasers work!

It also helps to keep additional pieces of paper on hand in the event you want to start your drawing over.

Draw A Butterfly Step By Step Tutorial

each step of butterfly drawing marked by dotted lines for each drawing stage

Step 1. Draw The Butterfly Head

dotted line of circle for butterfly head

The first step is to draw the head of the butterfly. Then, all you need to do is draw a small circle. Easy, right?  

Step 2. Create The Eyes

two circles dotted marking position of the eyes

The next step is to draw circles to create a large eye shape.

Draw the first circle on the left side of the head, then draw another circle on the right side of the head that is just a little bit smaller.

Step 3. Draw The Butterfly’s Mouth And Pupils

dotted mouth and pupil lines

Add a curved line to the bottom of the circle to create the butterfly’s mouth.

Then add two smaller circles inside the eyes to form the pupils. Make a little v-shape on the upper right side to get that neat little eye detail.

Step 4. Make The Thorax

dotted lines below head

To draw the top of the body of a butterfly, which is called the thorax, you want to create an oval shape.

Draw this right below the center of the head.

Step 5. Draw The Abdomen

dotted lines below butterfly's thorax

To create the butterfly’s abdomen, draw a teardrop shape for the bottom of the body.

This is drawn right below the top of the body that was shown in the previous step. 

Step 6. Create The Top Section Of The Butterfly Wings

dotted wing lines placed at top  of body

Start by drawing a pair of upper wings on each side of the butterfly body.

An easy way to draw the wing is to make a ¾” circle starting at the bottom part of the body.

Then, extend the line upward and stop across from the eyes. Next, connect the wing by drawing a line from the top part of the wing to the bottom of the head.

Repeat for the second wing. This will give a nice point to the wing shape.

Step 7. Draw The Lower Section

dotted lower wing lines positioned at body of butterfly

Now you can create the lower wings with an oval shape in the opposite direction of the upper wings.

Start by drawing a curved line from the left side of the middle of the abdomen.

Continue around and up to the middle of the thorax. Repeat the same process on the right side.  

Step 8. Create The Butterfly’s Legs

the legs are dotted and positioned at the body

A butterfly has 3 pairs of legs. To create the front legs, draw curves extending from the top of the butterfly’s abdomen on each side of the butterfly.

The curves should be drawn facing up towards the eyes. Next, draw a second pair of curved lines below those for the middle legs.

Now you want to add the hind legs with a pair of curved lines facing down opposite the front legs.

Finally, complete the legs by adding a small circle to each of the 3 pairs of legs. 

Step 9. Draw The Antennae And Feet

butterfly partially drawn with dotted lines showing antennae and feet positions

To draw the antennae, draw two curved lines from the top middle of the butterfly’s head, ending with a curled shape above each eye. 

The feet are just little circles at the end of the legs.

Step 10. Add Detail To The Butterfly’s Wing

butterfly partially drawn with dotted circles inside wings

The last step is to add two circles to the upper wings. First, create a larger circle on each side of the top of the wing.

Then add a smaller circle in the middle of the upper wing and the bottom of the butterfly’s wing.

Fun Facts About Butterflies

  • The way to tell if a Monarch butterfly is a male or female is to look at the butterfly wing design.
  • The male will have two dark spots on the hind wings. The female does not have those.
  • The most common type of butterfly in the United States is a Cabbage White. It is named for its white color with hints of yellow and green – just like the vegetable! 

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How to Draw a Butterfly Step by Step

A tutorial for how to draw a butterfly. Step by step details for creating an easy picture of a butterfly by creating simple shapes and combining them.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details.


  1. Draw a Butterfly Head Starting With A Circle
  2. Draw the Eyes On Top Of The Circle
  3. Create the Butterfly’s Mouth and Pupils
  4. Make the Thorax
  5. Draw the Abdomen Below The Thorax
  6. Draw the Top Section of the Wings
  7. Draw the Second Section of the Wings Below
  8. Create the Butterfly’s Legs On Each Side
  9. Add The Details to the Butterfly’s Wings

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