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How To Draw A Bull (Step by Step)

Easily learn how to draw a bull with this guide filled with basic –yet detailed instructions. 

Learning to draw a popular animal is a lot of fun. By breaking down the shapes of the bull into basic shapes, you’ll have no problem following these easy steps. 

And we will walk through this as we have already broken the bull down into various forms in each step.

colored drawing of a brown bull

Did you know, bulls are very powerful beasts, weighing between 1000-2000 pounds? They are pretty tall, too, averaging around 6 feet tall. And as cute as they are, you don’t want to mess with this farm animal.

How To Draw A Bull Drawing Lesson Materials

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener

Optional Materials

Coloring in the bull is optional for this drawing tutorial. Still, if you’d like to color it, we recommend using felt-tip pens, crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

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Step-By-Step Guide For How To Draw A Bull

all the steps of drawing a bull in order, using dotted lines to show which ones are drawn per step

Step 1. Draw the Hind End Of The Bull

first step of drawing a bull shown in dotted lines

The first step is to make an oval shape. This oval is short, not wide. This will be the back half of the bull.

Step 2. Create The Shapes For The Body

two circles overlapping for this drawing step

Now make a second oval and connect it to the first. This oval will be larger, and together they will shape the body.

Step 3. Outline The Bull’s Body

connecting the circles to make the body shape

Next, draw a long curve over the top of the two ovals to create the back of the bull.

Then, under the larger oval’s right side, draw a short line on an angle to make the bull’s chest.

Now curve the line to meet the smaller oval’s far side.

Step 4. Draw The Legs

drawing legs onto the bull

First, you can erase the two circles inside the bull’s body. Then go ahead and draw the front and hind legs.

A bull has thin legs compared to its body, so to create the legs, make skinny ovals.

Start with the front legs of the bull. Draw the first one where you brought the line down from the chest before it starts to curve.

Then draw the second one just a little bit next to there.

For the bull’s back legs, draw the one furthest to the left right at the curve before it flattens and the next leg a little bit next to it.

Step 5. Add The Bull’s Hooves And Tail

adding a tail and hoof marks

At the back of the bull, you’ll make a curved tail, so place a short curve at the middle of his back end.

Then, draw a rounded triangle to create a bushy end of the tail.

To make the hooves, draw a curved line the same shape as the bottom of the leg and then repeat on each leg.

Step 6. Create The Face Of The Bull

dotted outline of a bull head showing what to draw in this next step

For the next step, you’ll draw the head of a bull. The middle of the bull’s head will line up with the front leg.

It may help to draw a temporary straight line from the center of the head down along the front of the most forward leg.

The top of the head is shaped like the top of a heart, with two curves (like a sideways B).

Then the bottom of the bull’s face is a big round C-shape that is wider than the top. The bottom should meet the middle of the bull’s chest.

Step 7. Fill In The Eye Details

eyes added to the bull drawing

For this next step, we get to draw in the eyes. First, start with the outer, widest part of the eye and make two ovals.

Then make a smaller circle inside to make the pupil. Suppose you want to create a realistic look.

In that case, you can color the pupil in a dark color and then add a smaller circle in white to give you a realistic design element. 

Step 8. Add Horns And Ears to the Bull’s Head

ears and horns shown in dotted lines

Next, add the horns of the bull. The horns will be two C-shaped curves on the rounded middle area on each side of the bull’s head. 

The ears get drawn next and go directly below the horns. They go out at the top on a diagonal line. The ear on your left connects in an L-shape. The one on the right connects in a wide V.

Then, add the inner details to the ears by drawing long ovals inside that follow the same shape as the outline of the ears. 

Step 9. Draw The Bull’s Muzzle

muzzle added to head

Let’s create the end of the muzzle (or snout). These two ovals turn inward closer to the bull’s mouth and overlap slightly.

Step 10. Create The Muzzle Details

inner details of bull's muzzle added

Next, we can fill in the details of the bull’s face. First, draw his lower jaw lips. This is just a wide B turned sideways, with a subtle indent.

Now make the nostrils, two ovals that taper at the top ends. These are each placed in the middle of the broadest part of the muzzle.

final drawing of a bull

Now feel free to color in your cute bull. We made ours dark brown, but you can choose any color.

And if you are ready to step up your game, here’s an article on how you can quickly improve your drawing skills.

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How To Draw A Bull

A step by step lesson for how to draw a bull. Learn the basic skills for making a bull when it's broken down into simple steps anyone can learn to draw.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost 5


  • pencil
  • eraser
  • paper
  • pencil sharpener


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details and links.


  1. Draw the Hind End Of The Bull
  2. Make The Shapes For The Body
  3. Outline The Bulls Body
  4. Draw The Legs
  5. Add The Bull’s Hooves And Tail
  6. Create The Face Of The Bull
  7. Fill In The Eye Details
  8. Add Horns And Ears to the Bull’s Head
  9. Draw The Bull’s Muzzle
  10. Create The Muzzle Details

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