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How To Draw A Bat –Fun and Easy!

This easy drawing tutorial teaches how to draw a bat in just 8 simple steps. 

If you have been looking for a fun bat tutorial, then you are in the right place!

Whether you want to create a real bat, a cartoon bat, or a vampire bat, you can make an amazing bat drawing with these manageable steps. 

Bats have become popular with young artists, and while Halloween may be the best time, you can draw them any time of year!

So grab a sheet of paper and follow these drawing instructions. 

fully colored finished drawing of a bat

If you want a Halloween time look, add a night sky with a full moon to draw a spooky scene that would be perfect for vampire bats.

This tutorial will make it so easy, whatever type of bat you decide to draw!

Fun Fact
Bats are nocturnal animals which means they are most active at night.

And, did you know there are over 1,000 different species of bats?

line drawing of a bat with line going to colored bat

Materials for How to Draw a Bat

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil sharpener

You can make a drawing of a bat with just a few inexpensive supplies. You will need a sharp pencil, a pencil sharpener, and a few sheets of paper.

It also helps to have an eraser available if you need to erase anything.

You can use either a pink or white eraser, but a pink eraser may leave marks on the paper. 

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Fun Fact
Vampire bats are real! But, of the three species of vampire bats, only one species has been spotted in southwest Texas.

While they feed exclusively on blood, they feed primarily on domestic livestock.


How to Draw A Bat Step By Step Guide

all the steps together of how to draw a bat

Step 1. Draw the Bat’s Head and Eyes

dotted lines showing first shapes to draw for bat's head

A bat silhouette is very simple to draw as it is mostly a series of circles and a straight line in a couple of steps.

The first step is to draw the head. A bat’s head shape is round, so you want to start by drawing a large circle to create the bat head.

Next, add two smaller circles for the bat’s eyes.

Step 2. Make the Bat’s Nose, Mouth and Ears

dotted lines showing next steps for bat head

The next step is to draw the bat’s ears. Next, add a rounded triangle to each side of the head.

For the bat’s snout, draw a small oval in the middle of the bat’s face.

Now you want to draw a curved line to create a smiling mouth. 

Fun Fact
Bats are the only mammal that has wings and can fly!

On the other hand, a “flying squirrel” can only glide and not actually fly.

Step 3. Draw the Pupils and Teeth

dotten lines showing details for drawing the face

To give the bat’s eyes a little life, draw a moon shape in the middle of each eye you created in the previous step.

For the teeth, draw two triangular shapes connected to the arched line of the mouth.

Step 4. Form the Body of the Bat

dotted lines showing positon of bat body

To create the bat’s body, draw a small circle connected to the top of the bat.

Step 5. Draw the Bat Wings

dotted lines showing step for where wings go

It’s time to create the wings. Start by drawing the right wing on the side of the body using the reference image.

Now create a curved line running from the sides of the head upward to create a point for the tip of the wing.

Next, draw a horizontal line for the wing side and connect it to the bat’s body with a vertical line. Repeat for the left wing.

Fun Fact
While a bat is a nocturnal creature, it can still see and survive during the daytime.

They just see much better at night. So while you sleep at night, bats hunt for food and mate.

Step 6. Detail the Wings of the Bat

wavy dotted lines detailing wings

Create the finishing touches to the bottom of the wing by drawing simple lines in a semi-circle along the bottom of the bat wings. 

Step 7. Clean Up the Lines in the Wings

step showing additional wing lines removed

Finish the bat’s wings by erasing the small gap on the bottom of each wing from the horizontal line drawn in the previous step.

Step 8. Draw the Inner Ears, Upper Body Details, and Feet

dotted lines in next step showing added feet and ear detail

Finish the ears by adding a curved triangle to the middle of each ear drawn on top of the head.

Finally, to complete the rest of the body, create a small round circle just below the top of the circle drawn for the bat’s body.

The last step is to draw a pair of triangles connected to the bottom of the body for the feet.

completed bat drawing

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

How to Draw A Bat –Fun and Easy

A simple tutorial for how to draw a bat. Learn how to draw a cute vampire bat in just a few easy steps with this detailed lesson.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details and links.


  1. Draw the Bat’s Head and Eyes Using Circles
  2. Make the Bat’s Nose, Mouth and Ears
  3. Draw the Pupils and Teeth
  4. Form the Body of the Bat By Drawing A Circle
  5. Draw the Bat Wings, Start With a Curved Line
  6. Detail the Wings of the Bat
  7. Clean Up the Lines in the Wings By Erasing The Inner Lines
  8. Draw the Inner Ears, Upper Body Details, and Feet

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