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15 Gacha Life Coloring Pages –For Free

Dive into a virtual adventure with our collection of 15 free Gacha Life coloring pages, perfect for fans of all ages.

Whether looking for a creative way to spend a rainy day or seeking entertainment for road trips, these coloring pages offer endless fun and artistic exploration.

Our selection caters to the creative spirit, from improving coloring skills to enhancing color recognition.

Players create their unique stories through the imaginative universe of Gacha Life, the video game series by Lunime, engage in exciting mini-games, and face off against formidable bosses.

Character customization is at the heart of the game, allowing for endless creativity in outfitting characters with distinctive outfits and accessories.

Our carefully curated Gacha Life coloring pages reflect the anime game’s essence, featuring a variety of scenes and characters ready to come to life with your personal touch.

Whether you prefer to stick to the pastel hues commonly found in this online game or venture into bold and vivid colors, these pages offer a canvas for your imagination.

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Start your Gacha Life coloring journey today with our printable pages, let your creativity flow freely, and celebrate the joy of color.

Gacha Life Coloring Pages Printables

Silly Bex is both an artist and a musician. Her cute, grey raccoon tail is part of her hoodie. She wears stylin’ boots.

One of the cool boys, Lucas Lee.

Yuni in her cute dress has her hair pink and curled with fringed bangs.

DJ Vinyl stands with hands across his waist, listening to his music with his headphones.

Chris is crying and has a rose covering her eye.

Bex listens to music with her headphones, wearing a miniskirt.

Catgirl is super cool with her tattoo and hoodie.

Midori sitting on the ground resting her head on her hands. She’s wearing her hat as usual.

Alexa is a smart girl and artist, she has a paint brush in her hand. 

Mumble in her cute dress and fancy long hair.

Moe, shopping with her best friends.

A Gacha Life character celebrates the holidays wearing a Santa hat and boots.

Alisa, wearing her wizard hat, is ready to activate her magical powers. 

A fun character from Gacha Life posing with her hands on her hips, wearing a stylish outfit.

Cool 1Chi is ready to meet up with his friends.

Here are some fun facts about the Gacha Life characters:


  • Is left-handed.
  • Has a puppy named Pepper.
  • Her favorite music band is “Fam and Pals.”
  • Her favorite Tv show to watch is “Red’s Anatomy.”


  • Her wings are crow wings.
  • Her broomstick is what activates her powers.


  • Hates showing off his arms. 
  • Is known to break the fourth wall many times.
  • His hair used to be dark red before he tried to dye it white.
  • His name is similar to ‘Ichi’ meaning ‘one’ in Japanese.


  • Wishes she could fly.
  • Loves small hats.
  • She can’t swim.
  • Is scared of bugs and heights.

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