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Free Zombie Coloring Pages

If you’re a zombie fan, you’ll love these unique free zombie coloring pages.

Many of these pictures are suitable for older kids and adults, but we’ve got a few cute ones for younger kids too. 

The word zombie describes an un-dead person who eats the flesh of the living. Yuck!

coloring page line drawing of zombie with an ax in his head and tombstone that says rip, and zombie hand coming up from a grave

They’ve become a big part of pop culture over the past few decades with the many movies, tv shows, and even video games based around them.

The first flick I remember from my generation (not to give away my age) is the black and white film Night of the Living Dead. 

These coloring sheets are the perfect excuse to binge-watch your favorite zombie films or tv shows.

In addition, it’s a great way to provide some stress relief, which you might also need while watching these fun yet creepy shows. 

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Take a look below to find your favorite from these zombie coloring pages, and just click to print or download.

Free Printable Coloring Pages Of Scary Zombies

A zombie breaks through the ground and rises from its grave.

This zombie still has the ax stuck in his head from when he died.

This one looks to be in particularly bad shape. He’s got an eyeball dangling from the socket.

An un-dead person with an opening in his head, and you can see his brains.

Cute Zombie Coloring Pages For Kids

A young zombie boy with a cute black cat in a pumpkin.

A little girl is pretending to be a zombie on Halloween.

A boy dressed up as a zombie on Halloween night.

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Coloring Pages Of Female Zombies

Wait a minute, my song isn’t over. I’m still singing! This retro zombie lady is rockin’ out.

Could this be the zombie version of Nurse Ratched?

Wait a minute, can somebody please hold my purse?!

Funny Zombie Pictures

This mummy zombie is being chased by a cute ghost.

I don’t think this sweet-looking zombie has a clue about the mean-looking zombie hand that’s about to grab him.

This teenage zombie looks less than thrilled to be hanging out –a typical teenager.

Free Zombie Hands Printables

An evil zombie hand is rising from the grave that says RIP. Bats are swarming above.

Go here to learn how to draw a bat, step by step.

A frightening, bloody zombie hand is coming from a tombstone.

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