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Free FNF Coloring Pages (Friday Night Funkin!)

Welcome to our curated collection of FNF coloring pages!

Friday Night Funkin’ has taken the world by storm, blending great game mechanics with iconic scenes and characters. 

Today, we’re excited to offer you a mashup of images from the game, providing a coloring experience and a chance to immerse yourself in the rhythmic world of the coolest singer and best rap performer.

These coloring pages include illustrations of standard versions of the game to unique FNF playground coloring scenes.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend hugging drawing, from FNF coloring pages.

Perfect for kids of all ages, these pages will keep you engaged, whether you’re an experienced artist or just searching for a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Combine Coloring With Music

  • Game Meets Art: Dive into scenes featuring your favorite characters and moments crafted to reflect the spirit of the game. Each page offers a chance to relive the excitement of FNF, all while adding your artistic twist.
  • Iconic Scenes Recreated: From intense rap battles to heartfelt serenades, our pages cover the most memorable moments of Friday Night Funkin’. Bring these scenes to life with your choice of colors, making each page your own masterpiece.
  • Mashup Images for Creative Freedom: Get creative with our mashup images, blending characters and scenes in new ways. They’ll encourage you to think outside the box, mixing colors and ideas to create something extraordinary.
  • The Best Coloring Experience: Each coloring page is ready printed on solid paper that can handle markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

FNF coloring pages are more than just a fun activity. Each page offers a new challenge to your creative side and a chance to improve your motor skills.

Printable FNF Coloring Pages

Boyfriend wearing his iconic cap and sneakers gives us the peace sign. He rocks the mic, ready for a rhythm battle.

Girlfriend cheers with charm, her pom-pom hair sways to the beat.

Pico and Boyfriend stand face to face, armed with microphones. A little too over confident?

Huggy Wuggy crashes the FNF scene with his wide, toothy grin and elongated arms, ready for a duel. Or maybe a hug? Looks like Boyfriend is sweatin’ it.

Pico, Boyfriend, and Girlfriend snap a selfie. These comrades are ready for a win.

An epic showdown unfolds as Boyfriend faces off against the menacing Sonic Exe, microphones clashing.

Boyfriend smirks as he grips the mic, hinting at his next musical win.

Daddy Dearest strikes a swaggering pose. He has quite the commanding presence on stage . or maybe it’s just a very stern look. 🙂

Skid and Pump bring their Halloween spirit to the stage. Creepy and mischievous.

Mommy Mearest has a dazzling star quality. Don’t you think her gaze is captivating? But is her singing as good?

Skid and Pump, the inseparable duo, are perhaps a little too enthusiastic?

Tankman doesn’t quite seem at ease. But his authoritative pose looks like he’s ready to lead the rhythm battle.

A delightful ensemble of FNF characters, ready for an epic mashup gaming legends.

Girlfriend drops a few tears. She’s not one to hide her emotions.

Spirit floats ethereally, his otherworldly presence adds a mystical vibe to the battle.

Senpai captures hearts with his charming smile. He is always ready to serenade the competition. Can you say Rico Suave? lol, am I dating myself. 😉

Ritz the Rat brings his snarky charm to the stage. I like watching his whiskers twitch in tune to the beat.

Mall Santa traded his sleigh for the stage, but he looks a little overwhelmed by the competition.

An epic gathering of FNF heroes and video game legends, Mario included, ready for a universe-crossing rap battle.

Lucky Boy plays his red Gretsch Bo Diddley guitar and grins, his luck never runs out in a musical duel.

Girlfriend is worried by the first notes she hears, will Boyfriend lose this fight?

Darnell flexes with attitude, his energy infectious and ready to ignite the stage.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend share a moment together, enjoying the chaotic rap.

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