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How To Find Your Drawing Style

Discovering your unique drawing style is comparable to leaving your mark on the canvas of the art world.

Your artistic brand, a visual reflection of your creativity, makes your work unmistakably yours.

We’ll explore paths to uncover your distinctive drawing style, proving that art school isn’t a prerequisite for artistic identity.

Unveil Your Drawing Style

Think of your drawing style as your artistic fingerprint—a unique blend of techniques, preferences, and expressions announcing your creations as yours.

Woman on chair with sketch pad drawing different styles of a woman, with colored pencils in background.

Developing a signature style sets your work apart and embeds a piece of your identity into every drawing, making them memorable and deeply personal.

Embrace Experimentation

Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned creator feeling stuck, experimenting with diverse techniques and styles is the first step to artistic growth.

It’s about embracing the journey of discovery and letting your curiosity lead you through various mediums and subjects.

This exploration is about finding what you love and refining and evolving your skills in the process.

Find What Resonates

Choose Your Subject

Your art thrives on your passions. Select subjects that ignite your creativity, whether it’s the tranquility of landscapes or the dynamic expressions of portraits.

Aligning your art with your interests enhances your motivation and attracts an audience that shares your passion.

Hands sketching on a pad with various drawing tools around.

Medium Exploration

The tools of your art can define its direction. From graphite’s endless visual depth to the vibrant hues of oil pastels, each medium offers a unique texture and potential.

Experimenting is essential; find the medium that feels like an extension of your vision, then dive deep to master it.

Inspirational Sources

Identify artists who stir your creativity—be they masters of the past or innovators on Instagram.

Analyze what draws you to their work, and then incorporate that into a work that’s all your own.

Reflect and Refine Your Drawing Style: Build Upon Your Foundations


Dive into your portfolio and identify pieces that resonate with you. What themes, colors, or techniques draw you in?

This introspection is a cornerstone for building your unique style.

pencil drawing of a pepper, using hatch marks for shading.

Consistent Practice

As writers must read and write relentlessly, artists must observe and draw incessantly. Explore our drawing tutorials to kickstart this habit.

For example, a good place to start is drawing a simple mushroom or a UFO. With each step, you’ll refine your skills and inch closer to your signature style.

Step Outside Comfort Zones

Embrace the unfamiliar. Experimenting with styles beyond your comfort zone not only broadens your skill set but might also lead you to unexpected discoveries about your own preferences and talents.

Experiment with Styles

From spontaneous doodling strokes to hyperrealism’s meticulous details, every style offers something new to learn. Whether it’s the bold simplicity of line drawings or the intricate balance of geometric shapes, each is a step toward your unique artistic identity.

Cartoon – Cartoon-style drawings are more stylized. This style can include caricatures, cartoon strips, comic book-style drawings, and more. 

Line Drawings – Line drawing is often minimalistic and can be very visually pleasing.  

Geometric – Geometric drawing involves using shapes to create images, and this type of drawing has a lot of variety.

Expression and Emotion

Let your art be a conduit for your emotions. The lines, colors, and textures you choose can convey feelings more powerfully than words, transforming your art into a reflection of your inner world.

Patience and Persistence

The quest for your drawing style is a marathon, not a sprint. Embrace each step of the journey with kindness and patience. Remember, every artist’s path is unique; the joy lies in exploring, not just the destination.

Ultimately, finding your drawing style is about merging your skills, passions, and experiences into a cohesive expression of who you are as an artist. It’s a journey of discovery filled with trials, learning, and fulfillment. Enjoy the process, stay curious, and let your unique style unfold naturally.

You can further explore the skills involved in drawing and get more tips in this article on how to practice drawing.

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