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Free Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable (For Kids)

Are you searching for unique ways to spend quality time with your kids this autumn? Look no further than a free printable fall scavenger hunt!

This engaging activity is a fantastic way to immerse yourselves in the great outdoors and appreciate the charming details that make autumn a magical time of year.

Fall is one of the most enchanting seasons, with its vibrant foliage, crisp mornings, and inviting pumpkin patches.

To make the most of this captivating season, we’ve designed this free fall scavenger hunt for your next nature walk or neighborhood stroll with your kids.

It promises to be a memorable experience for your children, encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors while having so much fun.

A scavenger hunt with images of fall themed items with check boxes next to them.

What’s The Purpose Of A Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt?

Encourage creativity and exploration of the natural world by allowing your kids to take their printed scavenger hunt on multiple outdoor adventures.

Whether heading to the apple orchard, the local park, or the pumpkin patch, this scavenger hunt will excite any outing.

Our fall scavenger hunt provides versatile fun for everyone. It comes in two versions, catering to different age groups and preferences.

You can print two separate pages or use them back-to-back for added convenience.


  • The first page is a picture-based scavenger hunt, perfect for younger children who may still need to be fully proficient in reading.

    It’s an ideal opportunity to teach them valuable observation skills, helping them recognize the signs of fall.
page with images of fall items and small woodland animals from scavenger hunt

Item List with Drawing Activity:

  • The second page presents a list of specific items for discovery, accompanied by a drawing directive activity. Older kids will especially enjoy this version, as it challenges them to find items and draw them.

    You can turn it into a friendly competition or for the joy of exploring all the items on the printable list.
page with boxes with names of fall-themed items from nature

Tips For Using the Scavenger Hunt Printables:

Using our fall scavenger hunt printables is easy. Just download or print the free PDF files.

  • Consider laminating the printout or placing it in a page protector for future use. Dry-erase markers make it easy to reuse the printables.
  • To prevent marker mishaps, attach them to the clipboard.
  • Provide your kids with clipboards to help keep everything organized. 

For extra enjoyment, consider offering small prizes like stickers, pencils, or fall-themed treats such as caramel apples or a warm cup of apple cider as incentives for completing the scavenger hunt.

Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher looking for a classroom activity, or a homeschooling parent seeking an educational adventure, this scavenger hunt promises hours of entertainment and discovery.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this fun outdoor activity printable and head off on an exciting autumn adventure with your children. Happy fall and happy hunting!

Click the image above to print the PDF file containing both scavenger hunt pages.

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A printable pdf of a fall scavenger hunt with colorful fall-themed items on it.

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