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17 Cute Elf Coloring Pages -For Holiday Fun

Here are 17 free elf coloring pages for you to print. These unique pages have pictures of adorable and funny Christmas elves.

And we have both girl and boy elves and even gnome-like elves. 

What a great way to get into the spirit this Holiday season!

a line drawing of an elf with his head in his hands and a polar bear carrying a merry christmas sign

Grab any one (or more) of our elf coloring printables during this holiday season to delight kids of all ages and keep them entertained.

It’s the perfect activity when it’s too cold outside to go sledding or make a snowman. 

And another great idea is to turn your coloring pages into Christmas cards when you’re done coloring them in. 

Elf Coloring Pages

And just what IS an elf anyway?

An elf is a short mythical creature with pointy ears and pink cheeks. They sometimes have some magical qualities.

Elves are busy little workers, and at the North Pole, their main job is to make toys in Santa’s workshop before Christmas Eve arrives. 

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And if you want to learn how to draw a gnome or Santa’s hat, here’s the tutorial for that!

Choose your favorite(s) below to get started.

17 Free Elf Coloring Pages To Print

A cute polar bear holds a Merry Christmas sign in the company of his friend, a tiny elf.

An elf sits on a giant mushroom and waves her hands.

A cute girl opens a present delivered by one of Santa’s elves.

A boy elf dances in front of his cute mushroom home.

A girl elf sits on a mushroom while she chats with a little boy who rides on his sled.

Santa Claus hands his little helpers wrapped presents to help him deliver them to children on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas elf is holding a giant candy cane.

A cute gnome stands in front of his whimsical tree home.

A Christmas coloring page of an elf holding a sign with a note about Christmas.

A happy elf waves “hi” as he prepares to pass around toys straight from the North Pole.

A funny elf plays in the snow with his puppy.

An elf sits by a Christmas tree after setting down some gifts on a snowy night.

A cute elf on a shelf sits on a fireplace mantel filled with Christmas decor and stockings.

At the North Pole, Santa Claus waves to his reindeer.

While a cute elf, blows his horn to round up the rest of Santa’s reindeer crew.

A cute elf holds a gift box with a special present for a young boy.

An elf with his hands on his hips because time is short.

It’s almost Christmas eve, and many toys are still to be made.

A sweet elf sits atop a giant present, doing a split. He’s mighty limber!

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Elf Coloring Pages

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