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How To Draw An Easy Frog –Simple & Fun!

Here is a free step by step tutorial for learning how to draw an easy frog. 

Kids of all ages will be able to draw a cute frog with this drawing tutorial.

And all it takes is just a few simple steps.  

completed line drawing of a frog with line pointing to completed colored frog drawing

Plus, this easy drawing lesson can be used to make different types of frogs.

With the same simple shapes, you can create an easy cartoon frog or even a funny frog that can be hung on the refrigerator or made into a card.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to draw a frog that will make your friends and family smile.

Here are a couple of interesting facts for you!

First, frogs drink through their skin and will eat worms, insects, and sometimes even other frogs!

Also, frogs are amphibians meaning they are cold-blooded and they have backbones. They can live both on land and in water.

You can also check out the tutorials for how to draw a fish, draw an ant, and this cute wasp to really up your drawing repertoire. You may also love drawing this cool owl!

Now let’s get started so you can learn the best ways to make frog pictures.

Drawing Materials for Learning How to Draw an Easy Frog

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil sharpener

Pink and white erasers both work great. But white won’t leave behind red marks or streaks like a pink eraser will.

Also, it’s always good to have extra paper on hand so you can start over if needed.

Easy Frog Drawing Tutorial Guide

9 levels of the steps of drawing a frog, in a row.

There are 8 steps for how to draw an easy frog (nine if you want to color it in). You’ll start with the head and work your way through the various parts of the frog.

Then end with filling in the details and coloring it if you want.

Fun Fact
There are over 5,000 species of frogs in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Step 1. Draw The Body Shape

two dotted shapes of a frog

The first step is to draw the body shape. Create an egg-shaped oval for the body, then draw the frog’s head on top of the oval shape.

The head is also an oval shape that is drawn sideways.

Fun Fact
Did you know there are more than 800 different types of tree frogs across the globe?

They can even camouflage themselves to stay hidden from predators!

Step 2. Add The Back Legs

dotted shapes combing legs, head and easy frog body

In this easy step, you want to draw the frog’s leg on each side of the body to create the important details of the frog.

They are simply oval shapes attached to the frog body.

Fun FactLily pads are floating plants that grow in slowly moving water.

Frogs love to sit on them, and they also provide shade and a place to hide too.

Fun Fact
If you have frogs in your yard, you’re in luck! Frogs eat mosquitoes, so it’s like having a natural mosquito repellant! And, speaking of mosquitoes, we even having a drawing tutorial for those too!

Step 3. Draw The Frog’s Eyes

dotted shapes of eyes added to the frogs head

For the next step, you’ll draw the eyes of the frog. Start by adding large circles on top of the head.

Frogs have large eyes, so be sure to make the facial features of your frog with the round circles fairly large to match the proportions of the frog.

Step 4. Create The Frog’s Knee

inner leg and body lines added

To make the frog look more realistic, add an oval shape to the frog’s body.

You also want to add smaller circles to the line of the head that you can erase.

This acts as a template. Create lines for each knee.

Step 5. Add The Frog’s Arms

dotted lines for frogs fingers added next to lower body

You want to continue to draw the body of the frog by adding medium-sized circles for the frog legs, including the front legs and hind legs.

You can really see the frog’s body taking shape now!

Fun Fact
It’s important to be careful if you see brightly colored frogs, as some can be poisonous.

There are over 100 different poisonous frogs, primarily found in South America, Africa, and Australia.

Step 6. Complete The Eye’s For The Frog

dotted line facial features added to head of frog

Draw a curved line for the frog’s body, as well as a slight curve for the frog’s mouth.

Now draw a few small ovals in the middle of the eyes for extra detailing.

Step 7. Draw The Frog’s Feet

lines for feet added to legs

Let’s finish off the frog’s legs by drawing webbed feet.

This is simple to do by creating three pointed lines on the bottom of each leg.

Step 8. Add Detail To Front Of Feet

toes filled in to feet of easy frog drawing

Adding a lighter shading to the frog’s feet will really make the frog pop and showcase the details of the webbed feet. 

Just take your time and refer to the previous step if you have any questions about the details of your frog’s drawing.

But, most of all, have fun with it!

Step 9. Color Your Cute Frog –Optional

colored easy frog as a completed drawing- final step

And of course, go ahead and add some color to your frog, if you’d like. You can color him with various shades of green and yellow.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

How to Draw an Easy Frog

9 Simple steps for how to draw an easy for. This drawing lesson will show you how to use basic shapes to complete a picture of a cute frog.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details.


  1. Follow The Dotted Lines And Draw The Body Shape
  2. Add The Back Legs At The Bottom Of the Body
  3. Draw The Frog’s Eyes At The Top Of The Head
  4. Create The Frog’s Knee On The Sides OF The Body
  5. Add The Frog’s Arms Along The Inside Of the Body
  6. Complete the Details For The Frog's Eyes
  7. Draw The Frog’s Feet Next To His Arms
  8. Add Detail To Front Of Feet With Circles To Show His Toes

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