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How to Draw An Easy Fox Head

This tutorial shows you the simple steps for how to draw an easy fox head.

Foxes are forest animals, and there are many different kinds of foxes. Much of the variety depends on what part of the country or world you live in.

Today we will draw a red fox, which is the most common fox found across the globe, including in the US.

a colored in, finished pic from a tutorial for drawing a fox head.

This simple fox tutorial, step by step guide will help you with your drawing skills, like eye-hand coordination.

Notice how we have broken the fox down into shapes in each step rather than focusing on details. This is a great way to learn to draw any object.

By the way, foxes are gorgeous creatures, but there are also some pretty exciting things to know about these wild animals. Click here to skip down to our fun facts about foxes!

Materials For Drawing An Easy Fox Head

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener

You can use lined paper or sketch pad paper. The benefit of lined paper is that it has horizontal construction lines built in.

So this helps you with proportion when drawing, especially if you are trying to draw something like a half circle or curve. It will help you keep each side more even.

Also, I prefer white erasers because the red ones often leave red marks on the paper. 

How to Draw an Easy Fox Step By Step Instructions

each tutorial step on how to draw an easy fox head. The part to be drawn for each step is marked by a dotted line.

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Now grab your supplies and start with the first step for drawing an easy fox head.

Step 1. Draw The Top Of The Fox Head

dotted lines marking the line for the top of the fox head

To start, we will draw the top of the fox’s head.

Draw a shape like a half circle, but make the ends flare outward a bit, the way the top half of a lemon does when lying on its side.

Step 2. Add The Bottom Half Of The Head

dotted line showing how to draw the bottom of the head

In this second step, draw the bottom of the head. This fairly shallow curve connects to each side of the top of the head.

Step 3. Create The Fox Face Lines

wavy lines showing the lower part of the fox's face

The face of a fox has an irregular shape. It has a wide arch following the fur pattern over each eye and a long v-shape following the length of the nose.

This pattern gives it a very distinctive look.

The way to draw this is to start at the pointy side of each cheek and draw a wide curve that stops short of the middle.

Then connect the two curves with a short horizontal line. 

Step 4. Start To Add The Facial Features Of The Fox

dotted lines drawn for the nose and mouth

First, draw the nose. The top line of the nose is currently drawn straight across from the previous step.

Now you will add a small curve just above the straight line that extends a little further.

Then, start curving the nose down and then into a v-shape. Then erase the straight line inside the nose.

The mouth is a curvy line that can be made just by drawing a half circle on each side of the bottom point of the nose. 

Step 5. How To Draw Fox Eyes

dotted lines as ovals with circles inside to show the fox's eyes

To draw eyes inside the fox’s face, draw an oval inside each of the highest points of the facial arches.

Then draw a small circle inside each oval to create the pupil.

Step 6. Make The Ears Of the Fox

triangle shapes that are drawn on the top sides of the fox head

You can fill in the eye color for this next step but leave the pupils white.

Place the fox ears on the sides of the top of the head, which are a triangular shape.

Start with the outline of the ears, and then draw the inner ear with a small triangle inside.

Step 7. Add The Collar Fur

curvy lines below the fox chin showing the neck tufts

For the final step, you’ll create the fur that covers the neck and chest. Start the fur so that it is under the fox’s chin and lines up with the center of the eyes.

The fur is just 4 curvy lines that will slowly taper inward at the bottom. The bottom curve is the widest and connects the two sides.

final line drawing of fully drawn easy fox head

Step 8. -Optional: Add Additional Elements Or Color In Your Cute Fox

Feel free to carry on to add more details to the drawing. Some ideas are to draw a sitting fox by adding the body.

Or you can add background elements, like parts of a forest or stream. And, of course, you can color it in.

Fun Facts About Foxes

An arctic fox has two different kinds of morphs: a blue one and a white one.

The white morph has fur colors that will change depending on the weather. So if snow is on the ground, the fur will turn white.

This helps the fox to camouflage itself when hunting for prey. The blue one’s coat remains the same, either brown or dark grey.

Also, arctic foxes don’t start feeling chilly unless it gets 94 degrees (Fahrenheit) below 0! 

Oddly enough, even though foxes are part of the canine family (dogs), they have many attributes similar to cats, like the ability to climb trees, sensitive whiskers, and the ability to see in very low light.

While foxes can get up in trees, only the gray fox can actually climb one. That’s because it has retractable claws.

Other foxes have powerful hind legs, which allow them to jump into trees.

And because they are nimble, they can quickly get around from branch to branch.

How to Draw An Easy Fox Head

Drawing can be easy when you break an object into simple shapes. By following this simple guide, learn how to draw a cute fox the easy way.

Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost 5


  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener


  • Please see the notes below the materials list for more info on supplies.


  1. Draw The Top Of The Fox Head With A Wide Curve
  2. Add A Curve To Make The Bottom Half Of The Head
  3. Create The Fox Face Lines As Wide Curves Extending From The Cheek
  4. How To Draw Fox Eyes In The Center Of The Face Mask
  5. Make The Ears Of the Fox On The Sides OF The Head
  6. Add Fur To The Collar Area With Curvy Lines
  7. Optional: Add Additional Elements Or Color In Your Cute Fox

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How to draw a fox head easy

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