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How To Draw A Spaceship In Easy Steps

This fun tutorial will help you learn the simple steps for how to draw a spaceship.

We believe learning how to draw through creating basic shapes is the best way to help you learn. So in our easy and detailed drawing lesson, we will break down the parts of a UFO into these basic shapes.

colored in line drawing of a spaceship

And you will quickly learn how to create your own alien ship drawing. For more help on learning how to draw, take a look at this article with suggestions on how to practice drawing.

So just grab your short list of materials to get started.

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Materials For How to Draw A Spaceship

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Piece of paper
  • Pencil sharpener

Optional Materials

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Colored pencils

How To Draw A Spaceship Step By Step Guide

each step for hot to draw an owl with each step marked by a dotted line for what to draw next

Step 1. Draw The Body Of The Spaceship

an oval drawn as a dotted line

The first step in creating your spaceship design is to make the spaceship body.

The ship has flat undersides. So to draw this, you draw a wide, short oval that is almost flat on top. If you’ll notice, it has just the slightest curve. 

Step 2. Create The Lower Cabin Portion Of The Body

the spaceship's body with upper ported drawn with a dotted line

Part of the main body of the spaceship is the lower cabin area. To make this, draw two slightly angled diagonal lines that meet in the center at the top.

The bottom of each line has a slight curve similar to the curve from the oval in the previous step. 

Step 3. Draw The Pilot’s Cabin Control Window

pilots cabinet circle

For this next step, draw a partial circle that sits in the center of the body and is half as wide as the body.

Notice that this is a little rounder than a half circle.

Step 4. Add Perspective To The Spaceship’s Body

perspective lines drawn on the spaceship

The body of the spaceship has an angular structure, and it has side panels.

So to make the panels look three dimensional, we will use perspective lines. Perspective lines all meet at one vanishing point. 

First, draw a tiny circle in the middle of the pilot’s circle, but make it about ⅓ of the way down from the top. 

Now draw a straight line on a diagonal, starting from the flat part of the body, and connect it to the tiny circle.

Next, draw another on the opposite side, at the same angle, and connect it to the circle. This is the center panel.

Then do the same for the side panels, and start these lines just a little more than halfway between the end of the oval and the center panel line.

These perspective lines provide a nice geometrical shape.

Step 5. Clean Up The Spaceship Panel Details

the next step marked by dotted lines

First, erase the unnecessary lines inside the round pilot’s cabin area.

You will also erase the pointed portion of the upper cabin and draw a line connecting the bottom of the circle. This line should be slightly curved.  

Step 6. Draw The Spaceships Rings

a curved line for the spaceships ring

Now draw another horizontal line with the same slight curve, just above the line you drew in the previous step.

This line should be slightly longer and come out just a hair past the pilot’s cabin.

Add a curved line to each end to round it off to make this look like a ring.

Step 7. Add A Second Ring

a second line for the spaceships ring is drawn

Repeat the same for this step, and draw a slightly curved line that extends past the pilot’s cabin and round it off.

Step 8. Create The Spaceship’s Light Area

dotted oval on the bottom of the spacecraft

Add an oval to the bottom of the spaceship. It should sit closer to the back for proper perspective.

Step 9. Make The Lights For The Spacecraft

lights drawn on spaceship

Now draw three small oval shapes inside of the large oval. The small oval in the middle should be a little larger than the two on the side.

The larger oval should also be slightly more forward than the side ones. 

final line drawing for a spacship

Optional Step- Add Finishing Touches To The Spaceship

Feel free to add extra details to your spaceship drawing. For example, you can color it in or add stars or even creepy aliens!

Or how about adding in planets and stars. There’s lots of great scenes you can add to a UFO drawing.

Rumors of unidentified flying objects have been around for over 100 years. And it’s no wonder this phenomenon reaches so many curiosity seekers since alien spaceships are featured in television series and major motion pictures, like Star Trek and Star Wars.

The universe is so big, so there has to be someone out there, right? Do you believe?

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How to draw a spaceship

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