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How To Draw A Shirt Step By Step

Today you’ll learn how to draw a cute shirt in six easy steps. 

You’d think drawing a tee shirt is simple, and it truly is, but clothing can sometimes be tricky because it has waves and curves.

It is less geometric than some of the shapes we have drawing lessons for. 

final line drawing colored in for how to draw a shirt

But we’ve got you covered! The easy way we’ll do this is to break the parts of a shirt down into basic shapes that you’ll draw for each step.

Then, we’ll add the curves after we’ve got the basics down.

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Grab your short materials list and get ready to start your shirt drawing. 

Supplies For How to Draw A Shirt

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener

Optional Materials

  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils

Step-By-Step Guide For How To Draw A Shirt

each step for how to draw a shirt marked by dotted lines to draw

Step 1. Draw The Body Shape For The Shirt

first step for how to draw ashirt as a dotted rectangle

For the first step, draw a rectangle.

Step 2. Add The Shape For the Arms

step for shirt drawn in dotted lines

Now draw another small rectangle that goes across the top of the rectangle.

This is the top of the shirt and gives you the overall shape of the tee shirt.

Step 3. Create The Curve For The Shirt Collar

shirt showing collar curves

First, erase the bottom line of the rectangle that runs across the top of the shirt.

Next, draw a curved line in the center to make the collar of your shirt. Then draw two diagonal lines for the shoulders.

These run at a slight angle that starts at the top of the collar and goes slightly past the rectangle’s horizontal lines.

Step 4. Draw The Holes For The Tee Shirt’s Sleeves

sleeve holes drawn

First, create holes for the sleeves. Draw a curved line from where the rectangles intersect at the bottom to the shoulder line

A perfect shirt doesn’t have straight lines so we will give part of the shirt some natural curves.

Make a slightly wavy line down the sides of the shirt’s body, and the lines flare out slightly at the bottom.

Step 5. Add The Arms

dotted lines drawn for sleevs in tee shirt

For this next step, first, erase the straight lines from the side of the long rectangle to make it easy to see the shirt’s natural curves you created in the previous step.

Now add a diagonal line that extends from the top shoulder to the end of the triangle.

This line is not exactly the same angle as the shoulder line. This one has a slightly deeper angle. 

Next, make a short diagonal line with less of an angle at the top of the shirt’s sleeve.

Then draw a straight line to connect the two. Do the same for the other sleeve.

Step 6. Make The Seams For The Tee Shirt’s Cuffs

shirt seams drawn

To make the seams, follow the outline of the shirt and draw a line just a little bit in from each opening.

Step 7. Add Final Details – Optional

final line drawing of a shirt

The shirt we have in the reference image is a white color, but if you’d like, you can make a custom t-shirt and color it any color.

You can add a pocket or a fun graphic to make it your own.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

How to draw a shirt

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