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How To Draw A Grasshopper

In just 8 easy steps, you can learn how to draw a cool grasshopper. A grasshopper is a ground-dwelling insect with the ability to jump long distances up to 30” in a single jump! 

When thinking of grasshoppers, you may first think of green grasshoppers or a mixture of green and brown. 

But, some species have vivid colors, including rainbow grasshoppers. Check out some more fun facts at the bottom of the post.

With this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a grasshopper and use your imagination to include a variety of designs and colors! 

We hope you enjoy this grasshopper drawing lesson.

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Drawing Materials for Learning How to Draw a Grasshopper

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil sharpener

While I recommend using a white eraser, pink erasers will work as well. However, pink erasers tend to leave streaks or red marks. Erasers are very helpful when learning to draw, so definitely keep one handy!  

Also, it’s very helpful to keep extra paper on hand in the event you want to start over.

How to Draw A Grasshopper Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1. Draw the Grasshopper’s Head

For the head of the grasshopper, first draw an irregular circle tilted slightly at an angle, like an oval.

Step 2. Draw the First Part of the Thorax 

The middle section of the grasshopper includes the abdomen and thorax.

Start by drawing a small oval shop similar to the oval shown in the previous step.

Step 3. Draw the Grasshopper’s Abdomen

To draw the grasshopper’s body, start with a pair of lines to help guide the size you want.

Keep the eraser handy because you will want to adjust them to wavy lines to create more of a realistic body shape.

Step 4. Create the Front Legs

Now it’s time to add the grasshopper’s legs. They have 3 pairs of legs.

Start by drawing the first leg on the bottom part of the grasshopper using curved lines. Then, repeat for the second leg.

The shape of the foot is basically an oval-shaped line with a smaller oval for the feet, known as the tarsus.

Step 5. Draw the Back Legs

Let’s draw the middle leg repeating the same process you used for the front legs.

Create a pair of curved lines in the middle of the thorax down into the tarsus. You will want to face the feet opposite the front legs.

Now you have two pairs of legs, so we can move on to the back legs. The hind legs are the far rear legs and are much larger than the front and middle legs.

Start in the middle of the thorax and draw thicker lines at an upward diagonal angle.

You want to stop just past the halfway mark of the thorax. Finish with the tarsus pointing towards the back of the body.

Step 6. Make the Mouth and Antennae for the Grasshopper

Now draw the mandible, which is the mouth (or jaws). You are drawing shorter lines than the lines you drew for the legs.

First, draw an oval shape that ends with a point facing inwards. Next, draw the antennae by creating curved L-shaped lines on the outer part of the grasshopper’s head.

Step 7. Draw the Eyes and Abdomen Details

To create the grasshopper’s eyes, simply draw two oval shapes on the front of the head.

Be sure to draw the second eye towards the right of the head, so they are spaced out.

Next, you want to add details to the abdomen by creating a curved line abdomen shape. Finish the details of the abdomen with a few wavy lines. 

Step 8. Add The Final Details

The last important step is to add smaller ovals to the grasshopper’s eyes.

Then you can add a tiny circle to create the pupil of the eye. Adding the pupil really makes the eyes stand out!

Now you can color your grasshopper however you like.

For example, this would be perfect to create the rainbow-colored grasshopper mentioned in the fun facts!

Fun Facts About Grasshoppers
Did you know that in many countries, grasshoppers are considered a delicacy? Would you ever eat a grasshopper? The good news is they are a good source of protein!

There are 2 main groups of grasshoppers: short-horned grasshoppers and long-horned grasshoppers. The only difference is the size of their antennae.

Did you know that some grasshoppers eat mosquitoes? That’s right, some insects are super beneficial and help us humans out by getting rid of less beneficial insects. We even have an easy drawing tutorial for a mosquito, you can check out after.

Grey grasshoppers are called grey bird grasshoppers. This is because they are powerful jumpers and flyers.

One of the ways they can hide from predators is by camouflaging themselves to blend in with the ground.

Adult grasshoppers can grow anywhere from 1-7 cm in length, depending on the type of species. The average lifespan is typically 12 months. 

Did you know that grasshoppers have 3 eyes? One is above the base of each antenna, and the third is in the center of the head.

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