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How To Draw A Bumblebee Step-By-Step

Here’s a quick tutorial for how to draw a bumblebee in a few easy steps. 

Learning how to draw a bumblebee comes down to putting together simple shapes that make up the parts of a bee.

We’ve broken this all down for you in this step by step drawing tutorial so that even novice artists will find it a breeze.

colored in drawing of a bumblebee

Additionally, you can go at your own pace. 

Fun Facts About Bumblebees And Bees!

  • Many bees look like a bumblebee. One feature that helps distinguish them is the tell-tale black head of a bumblebee. The furriness helps too. 
  • Unlike a honey bee, a bumblebee doesn’t collect honey.
    Unfortunately, the bee will eventually die.
  • Killer bees don’t have a more potent sting than a regular honeybee.
    The name is because killer bees will attack in huge numbers.
  • Bumblebees are busy workers, the female workers of the hive will collect the pollen, defend the hive and feed the babies.
    Speaking of busy, let’s get busy drawing this cute little buzzing creature.

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Materials For Drawing A Bumblebee

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener

Optional Materials

  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils

Let’s get started drawing this cute bumblebee. First, jump down to the simple steps below.

Step-By-Step Guide For How To Draw A Bumblebee

all the steps for drawing a bee with dotted lines showing parts to draw for each step.

Step 1. Make The Head Of The Bumblebee

dooted circle for head shape of a bumblebee

To make the head of the bumblebee, draw an oval.

Step 2. Draw The Bumblebee’s Thorax

second dotted line showing what to draw for this step of a bumblebee

For the middle section, called the thorax, add a second oval to the first oval, but make this one bigger.

The shape of the body is a bit stocky, so make it relatively long and wide.

Step 3. Draw The Abdomen Of The Bumblebee

abdomen of bumblebee is drawn with a dotted line

First, erase the line where the thorax and head meet that you drew in the previous step.

Then draw the abdomen of the insect. This is another oval, but the rear part is pointed, much like an egg.

Step 4. Create The Legs

dotted lines draw to show bee's feet

Go ahead and erase the curve of the abdomen that crosses over the thorax. Now draw the legs. 

Start with the hind legs and draw the backside of the leg as a curve. When it meets the bottom of the body, start to curve it the opposite erection.

Follow the same for the front curve of the hind leg. Then when you get to the toe, create a pointed u-shape.

Continue using the same shape for the rest of the legs. However, the middle legs are shorter than the back legs, and the front ones are the shortest.

Another fun fact! Have you heard of a zombie bee? A zombie bee is a term for a bee that crawls like a zombie around dawn. Fear not.
These bees aren’t zombies. A parasitic fly infects them. The fly causes them to get sick, causing this odd behavior.

Step 5. Draw The Bumblebee’s Striped Bands

striped bands drawn as dotted, curved lines

The bumblebee has black and yellow stripes, so now you’ll draw the stripes or bands. The stripes are not all the same widths.

The ones that will be black are wider. Start at the rear part and make a broad, curved line.

Now for the yellow band, make another curved line closer together.

Then make another wide curve, followed by a narrow one, and repeat one more time. 

Step 6. Make The Wings

dotted ovals that are long showing bumblebee wings

To create the wings, draw long ovals that taper where they meet the thorax. The wings also have a bevel, or second curve at the top.

Step 7. Add The Fuzzy Details To The Bumble Bee

more detials for drawing a bumblebee.

Next, draw a fuzzy bumblebee collar and the line detail for the wings.

First, add a curved line down each wing. They should curve inward a little bit toward each other. 

Now add the fuzzy collar by making a squiggly circle that fits between the thorax and bumblebee head. 

Step 8.  Make The Bumblebee’s Antennae

bumblebee's antennae as dotted lines

The antennae are two curves placed on each side of the head.

They should be pointing so that they face the sides of the bee.

Step 9. Draw The Facial Details

facial details drawn in

Go ahead and color the wide stripes black, and if you want to color in the bee, you can make the other stripes yellow.

The rest of the body can be black or brown if you want to make it realistic or use any color you want to make it more of a cartoon bumblebee.

Here’s a fun fact about bee biology, –even though we are drawing two eyes, a bumblebee actually has five eyes!

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How To Draw A Bumblebee –Step By Step

How to draw a bumblebee! This fun tutorial will show you how to draw a cute bee using basic shapes. With just a few extra details, you'll have a masterpiece drawing of this insect.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy


  • Regular paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details and links.


  1. Make The Head Of The Bumblebee Starting With An Oval Shape
  2. Draw The Bumblebee’s Thorax Which Is A Larger, Second Oval
  3. Draw The Abdomen Of The Bumblebee And Add A Point At the Rear Part
  4. Create The Legs, Making The Hind Legs Longer Than The Front Legs
  5. Draw The Bumblebee’s Striped Bands Using Curved Lines
  6. Make The Wings Using Long Oval Shapes
  7. Add The Fuzzy Details To The Bumble Bee Around The Collar Area
  8. Make The Bumblebee’s Antennae
  9. Draw The Facial Details With Eyes And A Mouth

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