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How To Draw A Bumblebee Step-By-Step

Welcome to a fun guide on sketching a bumblebee easily!

Drawing a bumblebee is all about combining simple shapes to form the parts of a bee.

We’ve simplified the process in this guide, making it super easy for young artists to follow along.

Plus, you can take it step by step at your own speed.

colored in drawing of a bumblebee

Did you know bumblebees don’t make honey like honey bees do?

But they play a crucial role in nature! Keep an eye out for more cool bee facts throughout this guide.

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What You’ll Need to Start Drawing

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener

Optional Materials

  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils

Ready to draw a charming bumblebee? Let’s dive into the steps!

Step-By-Step Guide For How To Draw A Bumblebee

all the steps for drawing a bee with dotted lines showing parts to draw for each step.

Step 1. Make The Head

dooted circle for head shape of a bumblebee

First, start by drawing a small oval for the bumblebee’s head.

Step 2. Sketch The Thorax

second dotted line showing what to draw for this step of a bumblebee

Next, create the middle section, called the thorax. Add a larger oval below the head.

Remember, bumblebees have sturdy bodies, so give them a good width and length.

Step 3. Outline The Bumblebee’s Abdomen

abdomen of bumblebee is drawn with a dotted line

First, erase the line where the head and thorax meet.

Then, draw the abdomen with another oval, tapering to a point at the end, like an egg.

Step 4. Add The Legs

dotted lines draw to show bee's feet

Erase any lines from the abdomen overlapping the thorax.

Draw the legs starting from the hind ones, curving them, and finishing with a pointed “U” shape for the toes.

The middle legs are a bit shorter, and the front ones are the shortest.

Step 5. Draw The Striped Body Bands

striped bands drawn as dotted, curved lines

Now, for the iconic black and yellow stripes. The black stripes are thicker.

Start at the back with a wide, curved line for a black stripe, then a narrower curve for a yellow stripe, and repeat.

Step 6. Create The Wings

dotted ovals that are long showing bumblebee wings

Draw long, tapered ovals for the wings, attaching them to the thorax.

Add a gentle curve at the top for a more realistic look.

Step 7. Add Fuzzy Details

more detials for drawing a bumblebee.

Draw a squiggly circle between the head and thorax for a fuzzy collar. Then, add a curved line down each wing.

Step 8.  Make The Bumblebee’s Antennae

bumblebee's antennae as dotted lines

Sketch two curved lines on the head for the antennae, making sure they curve outwards.

Step 9. Bring In The Facial Details

facial details drawn in

Color the wider stripes black and choose yellow for the others.

Feel free to pick any color for the rest of the body, whether you’re going for a realistic look or a cartoonish vibe.

Did you know a bumblebee has five eyes, even though we only drew two?

For more coloring fun, check out our free bug color by number pages!

Fun Bumblebee Facts

  • Bumblebees are distinguished by their black heads and fuzzy bodies.
  • Despite their name, killer bees don’t have a stronger sting than regular honeybees; they’re known for attacking in large numbers.
  • “Zombie bees” are infected by a parasitic fly, leading to their unusual behavior.
  • Female bumblebees are the hard workers of the hive, collecting pollen, defending the hive, and caring for the young.

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How To Draw A Bumblebee –Step By Step

How to draw a bumblebee! This fun tutorial will show you how to draw a cute bee using basic shapes. With just a few extra details, you'll have a masterpiece drawing of this insect.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy


  • Regular paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser


  • Please see the full materials list above the tutorial for details and links.


  1. Make The Head Starting With An Oval Shape
  2. Draw The Thorax Which Is A Larger, Second Oval
  3. Draw The Abdomen And Add A Point At the Rear Part
  4. Create The Legs, Making The Hind Legs Longer Than The Front Legs
  5. Draw The Bumblebee’s Striped Bands Using Curved Lines
  6. Make The Wings Using Long Oval Shapes
  7. Add The Fuzzy Details Around The Collar Area
  8. Make The Bumblebee’s Antennae
  9. Draw The Facial Details With Eyes And A Mouth

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