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27 Dragon Coloring Pages for Adults –Free

Here are 27 unique dragon adult coloring pages that will provide hours of fun for adults, as well as kids of all ages.

It’s easy to understand why dragons are so popular. These legendary creatures have been featured in countless stories, fairy tales, and movies for many years.

But unfortunately, in some stories, dragons are dangerous and attack humans. 

In other stories, they are protective and loyal to their owners. But, one thing is sure, dragons are mythical creatures with special powers.

That is reflected in this collection of free dragon coloring pages. 

From a fire-breathing dragon to a fierce dragon with wings, these pages are perfect for classroom use for older children.

Coloring pages help kids develop fine motor skills and provide stress relief for adults and older kids.

Scroll down to see all of our coloring pages of dragons.

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A beautiful dragon with wings spread mid-flight.

A cute female dragon with expressive eyes and a detailed body.

This sweet dragon, walking in front of a volcano, has a comic book look that would make a great design for small kids.

Here is a sweet little baby dragon waiting for her mama.

This super cute dragon looks all dolled up with her eyelashes curled and lipstick on!

This lovely dragon picture shows the back of a female dragon with her wings spread wide.

This detailed dragon lizard can be brought to life with bright and bold colors using colored pencils or markers.

This coloring pages is perfect for adults or older children.

Fierce Fire-Breathing Dragons

Here is a fire breathing dragon ready to battle!

Get ready to see a fierce fire dragon breathing fire with his spiked tail ready to pounce!

Dragon Cartoon Pictures

This funny dragon looks scared and excited at the same time!

Have you ever seen a three-headed dragon? You have now!

Here is a very mean-looking dragon with sharp teeth and scales.

This friendly dragon just wants to play with his friend. Look at the horns on his nose and head!

Mean Dragon Coloring Pages

Here is a mean-looking dragon that is just the right design for an older child or adult.

This ferocious dragon is not letting anything get by him. He is ready for battle!

These evil creatures are huge beasts with horns and sharp claws.

Here is a scary dragon roaring at his enemy with his tail ready to swing.

Here is a sinister-looking dragon with beady eyes and sharp claws.

A sly, slithering dragon sneaking up on his prey.

Dragon-like Dinosaur Coloring Pages

This dragon has dinosaur-like features and an extra long tail.

This cutie is a pet dragon.

Chinese Dragon Coloring Pages

Create a unique Chinese new year Zodiac sign with this design.

This is a really cool design for an Asian dragon that would look incredible done in ink.

Do you want learn more about color? Take a look at our article explaining about colors in art and their importance.

Other Printable Dragon Coloring Sheets

This standing dragon has his fists up like he’s ready to rumble!

Here is a funny dragon that looks like he is ready for a nap, despite the smoking volcanos behind him!

Enjoy this unique-looking dragon with a turtle-like shell and a pointed head.

Here are some interesting facts about dragons!

  • In ancient China, dragons symbolized power, leadership, and wealth and were considered gods.
  • In Chinese mythology, dragons are the most important mythological creature dating back to around 5,000 bc.
  • A dragon is one of the most recognized symbols in Feng Shui, also in In Chinese mythology.
  • Dragons are an important part of the Chinese New Year. A traditional Chinese dragon dance is performed to scare away evil spirits.

Dragons can be scary monsters, but there are some popular, friendly dragons like:

  • Elliot from Pete’s Dragon
  • Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon 
  • Haku in Spirited Away
  • Falkor in The NeverEnding Story
  • Draco in Dragonheart)
  • Dragonite from Pokemon

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

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