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Cute Pig Coloring Pages –For free

Here are 31 pig coloring pages free for you to color!  

Pigs are such cute animals that it made is easy for us to design a big selection of free printable pig coloring pages for you to choose from.

We have illustrations of talented pigs who can ride scooters, pigs who can cook, funny pigs, and believe it or not –vampire pigs.

There are even some Peppa Pig pages that we gathered for you to color.

When using coloring pages, you’ve got lots of options of tools to use. Decide whether you want to use crayons, coloring pencils, watercolor pencils, gel pens, or markers.

Some of this will depend upon which type of paper you choose to print the pig coloring page on.

On any browser, click anywhere on the coloring image or where it says Click to Print and a new tab will open.

-On the Chrome browser, you can choose to either click the printer icon to Print right away. Or click the arrow icon to Download it to your computer first.

-On Safari, go to File: Print. Or to download it to your computer first, go to File: Save As.

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By the way, you might think of a pig as just another one of the common barnyard animals, but did you know that pigs are highly intelligent? In fact, they are the 5th most intelligent animal. Click for more interesting facts on pigs, at the bottom of the post!

A happy little pig smelling the roses while outside for her daily walk.

A cute and happy pig going to play with his friends in the barn.

This daddy pig gives his baby pig a ride on his back during a fun day in the park.

Silly Pigs Free Coloring Pages

This pig knows how to ride a scooter!

And this pig is driving a car on the highway! Sure hope he has a license. :0)

Look at these little cute piglets! It’s the three little pigs, frolicking in muddy puddles.

A wild boar stops by the stream for a quick drink.

Father pig and mother pig out on a date on Valentines Day. I like their swanky hats!

A cute baby pig, with little back freckles, is taking a bath in a small pond.

A pig with other farm animals, his friend the horse and the chicken.

A sweet little piggy sitting in a chair.

A playful pig frolicking on a hillside, with large mountains behind.

A piglet with a curly tail is cleaning himself in a rain puddle.

This spotted pig is enjoying playing in the mud.

An adorable baby pig sitting by the fence, waiting for the farmer to bring some dinner.

This small pig looks very commanding. I think he’ll be a leader one day.

A large, cute pig taking a walk in the forest with tall trees behind him.

A piggy bank full of coins.

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A pig who loves to put o a show. He’s on stage, wearing a hat.

A pig chef, preparing veggies for dinner.

Adult Coloring Pages of Pigs

Intricate lines and detailed patterns on a pig.

A Beautiful and detailed pig with zentangle patterns for adults or older kids.

Peppa Pig Coloring Pages

Peppa Pig is a popular TV show about a pig named Peppa. The Peppa pig character is described as lovable, but bossy.

Peppa pig with brother, George pig, mummy pig, and daddy pig.

Peppa pig rides her favorite bicycle.

It’s Peppa Pig’s Birthday. She has balloons and a party horn.

Peppa pig and brother George pig getting ready to go to sleep in their bunk beds. They like to sleep with their stuffed animals.

Christmas Pig Coloring Pages

A bookish pig taking a ride in a hot air balloon during Christmastime.

A pig with a winter scarf, taking a ride through the air for Christmas. Perhaps to get a closer look at Santa?

A pig in a teacup celebrating Christmas.

Halloween Pigs Coloring Pages

A magic wizard or sorcerer pig with a wand in her hand.

Eeeek, a scary vampire pig on Halloween eve.

Fun Pig Facts

  • It’s believed the reason pigs really “play” in the mud is to cool their bodies down.
  • Pigs have incredible memories. Good thing for Mr. pig above, he didn’t forget it was Valentine’s day.
  • Despite their fondness for playing in the mud, pigs are actually super clean animals.
  • Pigs are very sensitive animals and display emotions.
  • The Chinese Zodiac assigns an animal every year, based on a 12-year cycle. The next year of a pig will be 2031.
  • A pig is supposed to represent wealth, honesty and practicality. This gal here (me), putting together these coloring pages, happens to have been born in the year of the pig!

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