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Cute Cocomelon Coloring Pages –Free

Here are 17 adorable Cocomelon coloring pages that are free to print.

These coloring sheets are from the cute Cocomelon YouTube channel, and feature many of your favorite characters including JJ, Cody, TomTom, YoYo and more.

If your child is a fan of this adorable show, then print pictures of his or her favorite to color on a rainy day. It will keep them entertained for hours.

Additionally, learning coloring skills is a great way to help kids learn color recognition, and increase fine motor skills. 

What is Cocomelon? It is an educational series that teaches young children basic skills of math and reading through nursery rhymes.

For more information on Cocomelon and the show, check out our fun facts at the bottom of the page.

So look below to choose from the free printable Cocomelon coloring pages that we have gathered from around the web.

Also, did you know J.J. Cocomelon loves sharks –especially the show Baby Shark, which we happen to also have coloring pages for!

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Cocomelon Coloring Page Printables

The Cocomelon logo, the watermelon face and a ladybug.

TomTom and J.J. sit on the bed together getting ready to sing a bedtime nursery song.

JJ Cocomelon with Bingo the family dog.

JJ’s sister YoYo with a sign saying “Happy National YoYo Day”.

J.J. at the beach playing in the sand in his swim trunks.

Cute Cocomelon fish with traceable numbers background.

JJ and best friend Cody, wave “hi”.

 JJ, TomTom and YoYo together sing a song for Mom and Dad.

Adorable Cece loves to wear a tutu with a kitty on it.

Coloring Page Wednesday sheets, things that start with the letter C.

J.J. is in his Christmas pajamas with a reindeer on the front. He is holding 2 gingerbread cookies and wearing a Santa hat.

Cocomelon’s money and pig, Mochi and Pepe sit on the floor having a healthy snack.

A fun Cocomelon Halloween with YoYo, JJ and TomTom all dressed up in costumes to go Trick or Treating.

TomTom in rare form without his goggles.

J.J. Cocomelon’s friends give him a surprise birthday party –Cece, Nina, Bella, Nico and Cody.

TomTom gives a thumbs up, wearing his goggles.

JJ Cocomelon is going to school. He loves the show Baby Shark and is wearing his favorite Baby Shark tee.

J.J. says Happy Mother’s day to his Mom and sings her a song.

Fun facts about Cocomelon:

  • TomTom is Thomas Johnson, J.J.s brother.
  • J.J. actually sands for Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
  • YoYo is J.J.’s sister, the artistic middle child.
  • The playground J.J. studies at is called Melon Patch Academy.

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