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Cute Animal Coloring Pages –for Free

41 unique cute animal coloring pages for animal lovers. These coloring pages are free to print or download and are perfect for kids of all ages.

We have a wide selection of adorable animals to choose from. We have funny animals, baby animals, zoo animals, arctic animals, even silly animals who can do tricks!

Each of these cute coloring pages is available in a pdf format. Print them to color now or save them for later to use as a fun activity on a rainy day.

Coloring is great for developing motor skills and learning color recognition. And using animals to color can also be a great way to learn the name of the animals.

Select your favorite cutest animals below to get started.

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How To Print Cute Animal Coloring Pages

On any browser, click anywhere on the coloring image or where it says Click to Print and a new tab will open.

-On the Chrome browser, you can choose to either click the printer icon to Print right away. Or click the arrow icon to Download it to your computer first.

-On Safari, go to File: Print. Or to download it to your computer first, go to File: Save As.

Adorable baby monkey playing under the banana trees.

A tiny porcupine with big eyes, in kawaii style.

Elephants make the most adorable baby animals. This one has balloons to take to a birthday party.

A little baby chicken on a farm.

An adorable chipmunk eating an ice cream cone on a pile of dirt he just dug up.

A huggable koala bear sitting on a tree branch. Don’t koala bears make the cutest teddy bears?

This cute panda likes to read books. He already has read some masterpieces.

Free Cute Animal Coloring Pages

A cute dog with a colored fur patch around his eye.

He drops his bone in hope that his owner will throw it so he can play catch.

This adorable tree frog would rather read a book than sing, or go ‘ribbit’.

A handsome frog sitting on a lily pad, getting ready to sing.

A mouse sneaking out of the hole in the wall at night to sneak a piece of cheese that fell on the floor.

It looks like they are particularly fond of Swiss cheese.

This looks like a rabbit looks like a rascal, I’m pretty sure he got that carrot from someone else’s garden and not his own.

Squirrels can sometimes be a nuisance, but they are ridiculously cute animals. This one just found the acorn of his dreams.

An adorable cat with a messy tuft of hair on her forehead, waits for her parents to get home so she can play with them.

Jungle Animal Coloring Pages

A cute rhinoceros stands at the edge of a cliff to get a good view from above.

As cute as they are, just remember. Rhino’s are wild animals, so ask before you pet one.

A super cute panda on her bed under a canopy of bamboo.

Gorilla’s might be big, but they are still such cute animals. This gorilla can’t wait to start swinging front the branch above.

A hippo reading a book on a windy autumn day.

Jungle Animals Coloring Sheets

A lion with a large mane lying down with the sun setting behind him.

A lion mother and her cub enjoying time together.

A handsome wolf awaits nightfall so he can begin hunting for dinner.

A tiger in the forest jungle assessing his surroundings.

A giraffe looking inquisitively at some trees in front of her.

Farm Animals Coloring Pages Printables

A simple design of an adorable pig with a curly tail, sitting in a puddle.

A horse prancing around the grounds of her ranch.

An adorable mother cow with spotted fur.

Here’s a tutorial to learn how to draw a cute cow!

A funny cow going shopping on her scooter.

A sweet billy goat playing in a field of grass.

Did you know that both male and female goats can have horns, unlike deer?

This silly nanny goat is sticking out her tongue.

Printable Zoo Animal Coloring Pages

Peacocks have a beautiful array of feathers. What colors will you fill in your peacock’s feathers?

A meerkat standing up to greet a fellow meerkat friend.

Meerkats are very social animals who live in burrows underground and have the ability to stand very tall.

An Emu wearing her sunglasses as she takes a walk through the desert.

Funny Images of Zoo Animals Playing Games and Doing Tricks

This zoo elephant can play soccer.

A zebra riding a bicycle and waving “hi”.

Arctic Animal Coloring Pages

A polar bear quietly contemplates as she sits on her ice shelf in the arctic.

Polar bears are arctic animals. They will use the large pieces of ice to stand on while they hunt for fish and other seafood in the ocean.

A penguin in the north pole frolics on a piece of ice.

A walrus on the shore after a big meal of fish.

Free Coloring Pages of Sea Animals

A cute octopus swimming in the sea.

A sweet turtle stops for a drink of water before playing on the beach.

An adorable whale swimming in the ocean waves.

A happy sea otter taking a break from swimming basks in the sun on the shore.

And here is another ocean related post with coloring pages for sharks!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

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