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Cinco de Mayo Word Search Free Printable Puzzle

Prepare to add some festive flair to your celebration with our Cinco de Mayo word search free printable puzzles!

They’re a fun activity for young kids and adults that combines the joy of this vibrant Mexican holiday with the challenge of finding hidden words.

It’s a great way to dive into the celebration of Mexican culture.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Before we set off on our word-finding fiesta, let’s take a moment to remember what we’re celebrating.

Printable Cinco de Mayo word search puzzle. With festive graphics and words hidden on a grid.

On Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), the Mexican army triumphed over the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla, a day commemorating this victory.

It’s become a popular holiday to celebrate Hispanic heritage in North America, especially in the United States.

Easy & Medium Level Cinco de Mayo Word Search Printable Puzzles

Our free printable Cinco de Mayo word search is available in two difficulty levels – easy for younger kids and medium for older kids and those looking for a puzzle that’s a bit more challenging.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to add some fun Cinco de Mayo activities to your lesson plan or a parent who wants to introduce your child to new words and Mexican culture, these word searches are the perfect way to do so!

Enhance Learning with Fun

Word searches are not just entertaining; they’re also a great tool to improve fine motor skills and vocabulary.

For kids studying a foreign language, it can be an enjoyable test prep tool or for a fun special occasion.

Plus, they’re a great activity to keep kids engaged in independent work while strengthening their knowledge of social studies.

How to Print Your Cinco de Mayo Word Search

Ready to get your fiesta on with our word searches? It’s easy!

  1. Select the word search level of your choice: easy for quick fun, medium for a bit more challenge.
  2. Click on the image or the link provided to open the PDF format of the puzzle.
  3. Once the PDF opens in your latest version of Google Chrome or any other browser, go to the print option.
  4. Ensure your printer is set to letter-size paper and print out your puzzle.
  5. Don’t forget to print the separate answer key so you can check your work or assist kids in finding all the hidden words.

There are 12 easy-level words on the list. The hidden word directions are forward and down.

For our medium-level words, there are 16 on the list. The hidden word directions are forward, down, and diagonal (down-right).

Click to print the puzzle solution page answer keys.

Links to More Fun Activities

If you enjoyed these Cinco de Mayo word search templates, don’t miss out on our other themed puzzles! Keep the fun going with our:

Whether for the classroom, as a great resource for middle school social studies, or as a perfect addition to a seasonal activity packet, our Cinco de Mayo word search is here to add both education and entertainment to your fifth of May celebrations.

For anyone interested in learning about the history and culture behind this special day, it’s a fun way to engage in close reading and expand your vocabulary.

Print one out, find those hidden words, and let the good times roll as you learn and celebrate. Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Grid with hidden words and festive May 5th graphics. Texts says free printable word search.

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