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30 Free Christmas List Printables

Here are 30 Christmas list printables all for free.

These printable templates have a large selection of Christmas list designs.

With such a variety, you’ll find ones you can download for all your family members.

As you know, things get hectic this time of year. Instead of trying to come up with last-minute gift ideas, this holiday season, you’ll be ready.

Use these lists as the smart way to stay on top of things.

We have even provided a couple of to-do lists for you to help keep your Christmas shopping to-do’s organized.

You can write the list with your child and turn it into a Christmas tradition.

Christmas List Printables

How To Print The Free Christmas Lists

These free Christmas printables are in a pdf file format and for personal use only.

However, you may download as many as you’d like to use at home.

A few free printables have a full-color background –going to the edge of the paper.

So it may be a good idea to take those to a printing store for the best results.

Home printers aren’t set up for a full-color bleed and will show a little white around the edges. * I made a note under those printables that have a full bleed.

Or here are free Holiday cards you can print if you’d rather not make your own. Save money and time!

A wish list with a cute Christmas bear design. This list template has a place for your child to sign their name.

A simple design with holiday colors. This Christmas list has lots of room for writing out wishes.

This cute bird printable list has a place for your child to sign their name.

This is a holiday wish list. It has an adorable wintertime bird picture on it.

A soft-looking printable with a super cute winter owl.

A fun template that can be used to write Santa a letter or for listing gifts.

Be sure to address it to the North Pole!

Save a bit of colored printer ink with this black and white Dear Santa List printable.

This dear Santa letter has a handy check box for Santa to keep track of the toys he’s bringing.

In addition, there’s a space for your child to add their name at the top and a signature.

A decorative Santa Christmas list with Christmas ornaments and holly leaves.

Free Printable Christmas Lists For –Want Need Wear Read

These types of lists are a great way to get young children to prioritize the Christmas gifts they want and need the most.

This list has space for the wants, needs, wears, and reads. It even has a precocious-looking cat design!

A cute design of a kitten in stocking. Use this list to help your child prioritize what gifts they would like.

This wants and needs list has an extra line for one thing they would really love. It has a bold holiday design with Christmas decorations.

Use this blank list template for any list. For example, it can be a Christmas List, or a To Do list, or even a wintertime chore list.

Free Christmas List Printables For Older Children

A formal template for writing a Christmas List.

A simple Christmas wish list printable.

Save on ink with this simple Christmas Wish List printable.

A list with a colorful background and contrasting snowflakes.

*Colored background- full bleed.

A simple black and white list with snowflakes in the background.

A pretty wish list with a green background and snow falling.

*Colored background- full bleed.

This list has checkboxes for whether your child has been good or whether they tried to be good.

A little humor can go a long way during this busy holiday.

A unique way to write a Christmas list is to draw the gifts you’d like.

*Colored background- full bleed.

Check out our drawing tutorial for making a Santa hat and coloring pages of elves.

And of course you may also love our Grinch coloring pages (on our sister site)!

Have your child draw pictures of the gifts they’d like with this black and white printable.

A vintage-looking Christmas list with an adorable Christmas bear.

Here’s a simple My wish list to santa type of PDF. It’s a Christmas tree shape with lines.

Here’s an excellent list for staying on top of what you still need to shop for.

*Colored background- full bleed.

A to do list with a white background,  to stay on top of which gifts you still need to shop for.

A cute wintertime fox and candy canes decorate this colorful list.

*Colored background- full bleed.

A black and white list with a cute wintertime fox and candy canes.

This funny Santa list has a line for your child to write their signature.

A Christmas list with Santa that has lots of space for writing things your child wants this year.

For more fun Christmastime things to do, here is a list of tutorials for making homemade cards –perfect for kids, and tutorials for painting rocks with a Christmas theme – both on our DIY site. 

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

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