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Free Bug Color By Number For Kids

Often, bugs get a bad rep, right? Bugs aren’t just creepy crawlies – they can also be pretty cute and beautiful! And, these bug color by number pages are definitely cute! So today we have 7 different free ones for you!

From lady bugs to butterflies to bumble bees, there are all sorts of different bugs and insect species included in these bug coloring pages. 

These free bug printables are a great way for younger children to practice their fine motor skills, color recognition, and number recognition.

They can work on all of these things while still being a super fun activity. 

3 finished, colored in– color by number of bugs.

Teachers can use these as fun educational activities and parents can use them as a way to pass time, especially on a rainy day or during spring time.

These free printables are completely free to use for classroom or personal use!

Kids will love revealing the hidden pictures as they color each of these bug color by number sheets.

Young children especially love these, but older kids enjoy them as well. 

Our free color by number pages are a fun way for kids to practice their artistic skills as well!

There are 7 pages included in these bug color by number printables. For details on how to use these color by number pages, take a look below the bug printables.

Each page consists of an image of an insect that kids can then color in using their coloring utensil of choice. 

You can print each drawing below individually if you’d like. Or, go down to the bottom of the post to print the entire bundle from a single file.

You could even take all the pages and turn them into a coloring book.

Check out our fun facts about bugs at the very bottom of the page!

An adorable bumble bee checking out flowers.

You can learn how to draw a bee in this tutorial.

A mosquito looking for something yummy to stick his needle into.
Do you want to learn how to draw a little mosquito?

A butterfly pollinating a nearby flower. 
Yes, here’s a tutorial for drawing a butterfly.

A ladybug looking for small insects on some strawberries so it can eat.

A cute beetle with its antennae raised.

A caterpillar using its many feet to walk on a leaf.

An ant carries a strawberry back to its home.

When you are finished coloring the ant, you can draw your own.

Click the image to print all the pages as a single PDF file.

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Directions for Bug Color By Number Worksheets

The numbers in each picture correspond with the different colors in the color key above each picture. 

Kids can then use a crayon, colored pencil, or marker to color in the area that matches the number in each section with the corresponding color. 

Choose your favorite coloring sheet below, or grab the whole set as one PDF file at the bottom of the post. 

If you want to be able to use these printables more than once, you can laminate them or use a page protector.

Once you’ve laminated the sheet or placed it in the sheet protector, you can then have them use dry-erase markers or something else that can be washed away once they’re done. 

Bug Color By Number Printables

Fun Facts About Bugs For Kids

Want to turn this into an even more educational activity? Here are some fun bug facts to share with your kids or students. 

  1. While gathering food, bees may fly up to 60 miles in one day. 
  2. Ants can lift and carry more than 50 times their own weight. 
  3. Insects have existed for roughly 350 million years. For context, humans have existed for only 300,000 years. 
  4. There are approximately 91,000 different species of insects in the US. There are about 1.5 million kinds in the world. 
  5. A bee’s wings beat 190 times a second. 
  6. Butterflies taste with their feet.
  7. Ladybugs might eat more than 5,000 insects in their lifetime. 
  8. Most caterpillars have 12 eyes.
  9. Someone who studies bugs is called an entomologist. 
  10. Spiders are not considered to be insects.

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3 finished, colored in– color by number of bugs.

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