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Free Back To School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Here is a free back to school scavenger hunt worksheet that, if you’re a teacher, is a great way to welcome your new students back to the classroom.

This printable takes nearly no prep and will keep your students entertained despite all the excitement and chaos!

It is a simple and fun way for your new students to celebrate the beginning of the school year.

And this school activity worksheet is perfect for the first day of school, an open house, or just the beginning of the year.

2 pages of a Back To School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet showing different classroom items to be found and checked off.

Our classroom scavenger hunt printable includes both images and words so that they’ll work for kids of all ages.

Students in preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade through 3rd grade, and even older grades will love exploring their new classroom and school, looking for these items. 

It’s full of all sorts of items to hunt for, including school supplies, classroom furniture, a school bus, gym equipment, and more. 

side 1 of a Back To School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet showing different school items to be found and checked off.
side two of a Back To School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet showing different classroom items to be found and checked off.

Not only is this a fun thing for them, but it’s also a great way to introduce them to a new setting!

They can get to know their classmates, classroom (and maybe even a new school), to help get the lay of the land.

Ready to get started? Download our free PDF file, and print it! I suggest laminating it or using a sheet protector if you plan to reuse it. 

Click to be taken to the bottom of the page for more helpful ideas and tips for how to use this scavenger hunt.

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Back To School Scavenger Hunt Printable Game

Tips For How To Use The Back To School Scavenger Hunt

Give your kids a clipboard to make moving around and checking their boxes easier. Even tie dry erase markers to the clipboards, so they don’t get lost. 

You can even break your students up into small groups to work on it so they can practice social skills! They may make some new friends along the way.

For those early finishers, consider having small prizes such as stickers, pencils, or fun erasers. 

And if something on this class scavenger hunt sheet is outside your classroom or the school, you can get creative!

Have them search through books to find an item. Or print out photos of objects and tape them or hide them somewhere, like in a desk drawer for them to find. 

And if you’re homeschooling, you can also get creative and do the same if you don’t have some of these items.

There are different ways to make it work with just a little creativity!

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Back To School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

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