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70 Avengers Coloring Pages for Free

Here are 70 free Avengers coloring pages for you to print and color now. Coloring is such a fun way to spend time, while being creative.

It’s also perfect for relaxing and spending quiet time alone or to color with your kids. 

The Avengers is a major motion movie based on the comic book by Marvel comics. 

They are a team of superhero characters that come together to help save humanity from multiple villains throughout time.

Marvel Studios has developed an entire collection of Avengers movies based on many of the favorite superhero characters from the Marvel universe.

The collection has become the biggest superhero movie of all time. 

To date, there are nearly 30 Marvel Avengers movies.

The 10 most popular Avengers films are:

  1. Avengers: Endgame
  2. Avengers: Infinity War
  3. The Avengers
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  5. Spider-Man: No Way Home
  6. Black Panther
  7. Incredibles 2
  8. Iron Man 3
  9. Captain America: Civil War
  10. Aquaman

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Choose your favorite character from The Avengers coloring pages below to get started.

Captain America Coloring Pages

Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, is a soldier of war during World War II who was genetically altered in an experiment with a serum to be turned into a super-soldier.

He was frozen and later thawed out to be used to fight against villains who are trying to destroy the world, thus becoming Captain America.

Captain America in full armor, prepared to help save the earth.

Captain America, put to the ultimate test in civil war fight with Iron Man.

Captain America throws his vibranium shield.

Captain America with his shield.

Captain America runs, dodges a weapon using his shield.

Captain America with his shield coloring page.

Agent Peggy Carter from Agents of S.H.I.EL.D, is a love interest of Captain America.

Dr. Erskine is the doctor who created the super-soldier serum.

Iron man in armor holding helmet.

Tony Stark tries to save the world from human extinction with his Iron Man armor.

Howard Stark, founder of Stark Industries and father of Tony Stark.

Line drawing of Iron Man and the Infinity Stones.

Tony Stark in the Iron Man space armor, line drawing.

Iron Man flying in the weaponized armor suit during battle.

Iron Man preparing for action.

Iron Man battles Living Laser.

Iron Man flying to save people on earth.

Iron Man preparing to fight.

Iron Man flying to rescue the world.

Black Widow Coloring Pages

The Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson is a human woman who was trained as a master assassin. She was one of the ‘bad guys’ until something changed her mind and now she fights with The Avengers.

The Black Widow in The Avengers.

Awesome female superhero the Black Widow.

Captain America and Black Widow team up together.

Black and white line drawing of Black Widow Avengers.

Black Widow fighting a battle coloring page.

The Incredible Hulk Coloring Pages

The Incredible Hulk came to be during a lab accident spill. The gentle and brilliant scientist, Dr. Bruce Banner was working on an experiment when the chemicals spilled on him.

Now when Dr. Banner gets angry, he can’t control his emotions and transforms into the giant, angry, green monster, the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk is played by Mark Ruffalo.

The large green monster the Incredible Hulk.

The Hulk lunges forward to fight.

The Hulk smashes through a road on his way to fight an enemy.

The Hulk jumps forward to smash a villain.

The Incredible Hulk picks up a car and throws it.

The Hulk growls and is angry.

The Hulk demonstrates his strength.

A flashlight shines in the Hulk’s eyes, making him angry.

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The Hulk grabs a boulder to throw at an enemy Thanos.

The Age Of Ultron Coloring Pages

Ultron is an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Henry Pym that originally was created with a dormant peacekeeping program.

But later the programming went awry and Ultron felt the way to maintain peace was to destroy humanity.

Mask of Villainous Ultron with AI.

Ultron, the terrifying technological villain built with artificial intelligence.

The Scarlet Witch Free Printable Coloring Pages

Powerful newcomers to The Avengers are Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff from the Scarlet Witch. The Scarlet witch is played by Elizabeth Olsen.

She is a Slovakian sorceress, with telekinetic powers (Chaos Magic) and twin sister of the speedster Quicksilver. 

Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, using her Chaos magic.

Quicksilver helps the other Avengers in a battle, using his speed. 

Quicksilver possesses superhuman speed. His twin sister is the Scarlet Witch.

Quicksilver using his superhuman speed powers. 

Superhero Pietro as Quicksilver.

Director Of SHIELD Nick Fury Coloring Pages

Nick Fury, a former CIA operative lost his eye when a cat-like critter scratched his eye. He joined SHIELD to join the fight against earth’s worst enemies.

He is the command center go to for all the Avenger team characters.

Nick Fury, the director of SHIELD.

Ex-cold war CIA operative, now Director of SHIELD.

The Black Panther Avengers Coloring Pages

The Avengers’ Black Panther is the King of Wakanda who had a common enemy with the Avengers. Not only is he a king, but he also has superpowers and super intellect.

His powers are hereditary, but he also trains as a panther. His suit, like the Captain America shield, is made of vibranium. The Black Panther was played by Chadwick Boseman.

The Black Panther wearing his vibranium suit.

The King of Wakanda preparing for battle as the Black Panther.

Detailed drawing of the Avengers Black Panther.

The Black Panther preparing to fight in battle.

Avengers War Machine Color Pages

James Rhodes “Rhodey” is War Machine from The Avengers. He used to be a combat pilot in the army ,and eventually became Tony Stark’s pilot in Iron Man.

Tony eventually made a suit of armor for Rhodes that is similar to Iron Man’s, but this one has heavy armament attached.

Rhodey in the War Machine armor.

War Machine with flying capabilities and attached weapon.

War Machine, fully geared up to fight.

War Machine fully stocked up to battle Thanos.

War Machine with his weapon, ready to help the Avengers in a fight with Thanos.

Star-Lord, Peter Quill from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Grown-up version of living tree alien, Groot and Rocket.

Guardians Of The Galaxy former space cop and explorer Rocket.

Thor Coloring Pages

Thor was an arrogant Prince from Asgard, who learned to channel his powers into good. He later became the God of Thunder. He carries a magical hammer as his weapon. He is played by Chris Hemsworth.

The beautiful prince of Thor becomes an Avenger and God with his magical hammer.

The beautiful prince of Thor becomes an Avenger and God with his magical hammer.

Thor stomps an enemy.

Loki, the evil cast out brother of Thor.

Thor, in his cape,  prepares to fight evil Thanos with his hammer.

Marvel’s Avengers Team Coloring Pages

Marvel’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers return to fight another battle. The team includes Spiderman, Black Widow, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Iron Man.

Coloring page of The Avengers team from marvel comics working together to save earth from evil villains. Spiderman, Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderwoman and Wolverine.

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk ready to battle with Thanos.

Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man are saving the earth from villains looking to destroy humanity.

The greatest team of superheroes of a lifetime- the Avengers.

Awesome free printable Avengers coloring page from Marvel cinematic universe.

The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Marvel Universe – The Avengers.

The Avengers group of superheroes: Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.

Other Super Heroes From The Avengers Pages To Color

Jeremy Renner plays Hawkeye in The Avengers. Hawkeye’s weapon is the collapsible recurve bow and mechanized quiver.

The number one marksman in the world, Clint Barton, is Hawkeye. He is helping the Avengers, with his bow.

Video game of the Lego Avenger with the Incredible Hulk character.

Genocidal warlord from Titan, Thanos flexing his bulky muscles.

Thanos destroys the Hulk, Spiderman, Wolverine and Captain Marvel.

One of the Avengers’ biggest enemies throughout history, Thanos.

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