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Deepen creativity through coloring and drawing!

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Hey there! I’m Ellen, the passionate mind behind Artsy Pretty Colors.

This space is your gateway to nurturing your creative spirit and enhancing your hand-drawing, coloring, and design skills.

Drawing isn’t just a hobby for me – it’s a daily ritual that fuels my creativity. I firmly believe that mastering hand-drawing skills is a game-changer for everyone.

Have you ever wondered how turning your thoughts into tangible creations can elevate your artistic journey? I live by that philosophy.

Whether I’m sketching out intricate plans for DIY projects on Artsy Pretty Plants or designing concrete planters, landscaping ideas, or bespoke art, my journey always starts with a pencil and paper.

Even when math comes into play, I often find myself translating ideas into CAD or design programs after an initial hand-drawn concept.

Behind the Artist:

My artistic journey took an unexpected turn while pursuing an MFA in graphic design. Despite graduating from an art and design school, I faced the challenge of landing a job due to a gap in my design skills. The realization hit hard, leading me to delve into the importance of mastering hand-drawing skills before venturing into the digital realm.

I discovered that a computer should be a companion, not a crutch, in the creative process. My struggle to secure a graphic design job led me to the field of kitchen design, where the spatial and 3D nature ignited my creativity in unexpected ways.

Turning Challenges into Success:

Being a kitchen designer inadvertently sharpened my graphic design skills, providing a unique perspective I had missed by learning solely on a computer. Today, I’m on a mission to empower everyone to draw, improve their skills, comprehend color relationships, and unlock the boundless creativity within.

Why Artsy Pretty Colors: Whether you’re here for your own artistic journey or guiding your child’s creative exploration, these pages are tailored to inspire and assist. Creativity is a universal gift waiting to be nurtured, and I’m here to guide you on the exciting journey of bringing your ideas effortlessly to paper.

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Let’s create and celebrate the artistry in everyday life – your rewarding adventure begins when you can translate your imagination onto paper!